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Cooker hoods

Bosch island cooker hood with LED lighting and CleanAir Module

A fresh breeze for your kitchen.

To make sure that you only smell what you really want to smell when you're cooking, we have developed a range of particularly powerful cooker hoods. In addition, insulation and a low-noise drive make them so quiet that you and your guests will barely hear a thing.

Bosch domino worktop ventilation

Worktop ventilation systems: for chefs who prefer a state-of-the-art cooker hood.

Stay in control of your cooking – eliminate steam and cooking smells right at the source. Bosch ventilation systems are integrated into your worktop to form part of your cooking surface. Steam and odours will now be removed without being given the chance to spread into your kitchen.

The DownDraft hood is concealed inside your worktop, next to your existing hob. It rises up smoothly when needed and includes powerful LED lights to illuminate your cooking.

With a Venting Hob, the extraction hood is built into an induction hob, providing highly effective removal of steam and odours. This gives you ultimate freedom to cook how you please, with full control of the hob and hood at your fingertips.

Because you don’t need to install an additional hood on your wall or ceiling, you’ll experience a whole new level of freedom and flexibility in planning your kitchen. Worktop hoods are perfect for maintaining clear sightlines when your hob is placed on an island unit, for example.

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Bosch wall-mounted cooker hood

Our wall-mounted hoods: Powerful performance, restrained design.

Wall-mounted cooker hoods are generally mounted above the hob, on the wall between the wall units. This type of cooker hood fits beautifully into the line of your kitchen units whilst providing effective ventilation that you'll barely see – but you'll notice the amazing effect.

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Bosch island cooker hood

Hang a modern masterpiece in your kitchen.

Our cooker hoods have been specially developed for use over your kitchen island and are freely suspended from the ceiling above it. Thanks to the wide choice of classic designs and different sizes, island cooker hoods offer the ideal solution for every kitchen and every requirement.

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Bosch telescopic cooker hood installed in wall unit

Our telescopic cooker hoods: the almost invisible solution.

Telescopic cooker hoods are installed into a wall unit. To operate them, the flat section is pulled out, enlarging the extraction surface. With many cooker hoods of this type, the flat front can even be matched to your kitchen units. So this cooker hood will be almost invisible in your kitchen.

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Bosch integrated cooker hood

Integrated cooker hoods: you only see them when you want to.

Integrated cooker hoods have to be pulled forward at an angle for use and are therefore only visible during use. This type of cooker hood can therefore only be seen during use and is integrated seamlessly into your kitchen units.

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Bosch built-under cooker hood

Great performance in a tiny space: Our built-under cooker hoods.

Built-under extractors are housed underneath the kitchen unit and can thus always be seen.

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Bosch canopy cooker hood

Our canopy cooker hoods: Plenty of installation options, unique performance.

Canopy cooker hoods are integrated completely into a kitchen unit or chimney made of wood or metal. They thus offer maximum design freedom in the kitchen.

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Bosch ceiling cooker hood

Our ceiling cooker hoods: for lots of headroom and clean air all round.

The ceiling cooker hood is installed directly into a load-bearing kitchen ceiling. It not only ensures clean air, it also provides excellent lighting for your hob and all the headroom you need.

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