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Optimum Kitchen Machines with Spaghetti dish in kitchen
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Best Buy OptiMUM Kitchen Machines

Great food starts with great preparation. And there’s no better way to prepare ingredients than with a versatile kitchen machine. The Bosch OptiMUM range of multipurpose stand mixers combines all the practicality of a food mixer with the versatility of a food processor. Built-in technology helps you to always achieve the best results with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Have a look at these three high quality baking appliances from the OptiMUM kitchen appliance range and find out how they can benefit your cooking and baking. Regardless of what great food you create and how often you do it, if you’re looking for a professional food processor and blender there’s a OptiMUM kitchen machine model for you.

From the simple and effective MUM9GT4S00 kitchen machine to the MUM9G32S00 and MUM9GX5S21 kitchen appliances with built-in scales, these premium baking appliances put you in control of all your baking and cooking preparation tasks.

Features from across the range

Optimum Machine showing 3D planetary mixing in action

3D Planetary Mixing

High quality stand mixers can save you time and give you brilliant results. The 3D Planetary Mixing technology in Bosch OptiMUM kitchen machines makes sure your ingredients are perfectly mixed and prevents them from sticking to the sides of the mixing bowl.

Optimum Machine Steel bowl on table

High capacity stainless steel bowl

The large stainless-steel mixing bowl with a capacity of 5.5 litres and two handles makes it easy to prepare even large amounts of ingredients and is also quick and easy to wash.

Optimum Machine with dough mixing on table in kitchen

Smart Dough Sensor

The Smart Dough Sensor ensures the OptiMUM kitchen appliance can mix large or heavy quantities of ingredients at a constant speed for quick, thorough and even results every time. Ideal for taking the effort out of mixing dough.

Our top OptiMUM picks

Bosch MUMG32S00 Kitchen machine on table with desserts.

OptiMUM Kitchen Machine


  • Comes with Bosch 2 year warranty as standard
  • Reliable and quiet 1200W motor
  • Whisk and hook accessories included as standard
  • Smart tool detector – ensures the right maximum speed for each accessory
  • Built-in cable rewind to keep your work surface tidy

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MUM9GT4S00 kitchen machine with bread in foreground.

OptiMUM Kitchen Machine with built-in scales


  • Integrated stand mixer and scales
  • Intelligent SensorControl Plus achieves perfect consistency
  • Manual timer for complete control
  • Comes with Bosch 2 year warranty as standard
  • Powerful 1400W motor
  • Comes with kneading hook, stirring whisk and beating whisk as standard
  • Built-in cable rewind to keep your work surface tidy

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MUM9GX5S21 Kitchen machine with stir fryed vegetables and meals.

OptiMUM Kitchen Machine with built-in scales


  • Versatile stand mixer and scales
  • Intelligent SensorControl Plus achieves perfect consistency
  • Manual timer for complete control
  • Huge range of standard accessories for slicing, shredding, grating, blending, whisking, kneading and mixing including a powerful food processor attachment
  • Comes with Bosch 2 year warranty as standard
  • High power 1500W motor
  • Built-in cable rewind to keep your work surface tidy

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Why buy Bosch?

Award winning customer service

Bosch is part of BSH Home Appliances, winner of the 2018 Domestic and General Total Excellence and Quality Award. This award is based on surveys sent to customers of most of the major home appliance manufacturers and confirms our commitment to offering Bosch customers the very best customer service.

2 Year warranty

You can have extra peace of mind when buying Bosch. Not only do you get the benefit of Bosch’s German engineering and design, but you are also covered for the unlikely event that your dishwasher lets you down with our two-year warranty.

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See what other customers say about these models

Very well thought out design

I've had my Bosch kitchen machine for almost a year now and I'm extremely happy with it. The swing arm motor design at the top is so clever. Allowing for any accessory to be attached simply by rotating the arm. There are excellent safety features, requiring everything to be closed, screwed down and properly attached before the motor will engage. There are also some simple but very useful design touches like the retractable power chord, the suction cup feet and the storage bag that fits inside the main bowl. But best of all are the results. Every cake I've baked has been delicious, meringues perfect and pizza dough fit for any Italian restaurant. It is a joy to use and I'm sure it'll last many, many years.

What’s not to like

Had this machine 3 months. My main use is kneading bread; I suffer dust allergy so using a machine reduces exposure to flour dust. I was nervous about a machine kneading and the Internet is littered with stand-mixer reviews - heavily criticising for lack of power or serious wobble - Fear not the Optimum takes it in its stride; fantastic dough consistency, I cannot praise the build quality enough. If you are undecided, take it from me you will not be disappointed.

Compact and versatile

Ok so I've only had this a couple of weeks but I have used it every day and I've used all the attachments that came with it apart from the mincer. I can now make the best coffee and walnut cake I have ever eaten. I like that this machine is compact so I can leave it out in my small kitchen. I like that it comes with so many attachments. I like how you can grate nuts (or carrots etc) straight into the mixing bowl directly into your cake mix. The attachments are a bit plasticy but do the job nicely, the main unit is very solid and the mixing bowl is heavy solid stainless steel. Now experimenting with bread making for the first time and it's a pleasure to watch it kneading dough. very happy with purchase

It works very well, does great cakes & looks good

I am an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to baking and I had been looking for a good robust machine that is not over the top for my level, yet powerful and versatile, appealing to the eye and reasonably priced. The MUM range and this model in particular does it for me. It is a lovely machine. easy to use, easy to clean and very effective. Lots of accessories which work nicely. My favorite one is actually the juicer because I have had so many of those and was never satisfied with them: Bosch just got it right: good size, easy to install, not bulky etc...and I think this goes across the whole range of accessories. I love my MUM5 and I love seeing it everyday waiting for the weekend baking bonanza!! well done to Bosch. I would also add that I had to contact customer service for a small issue on another device and they were the nicest and the most helpful. My problem got resolved in no time.

Love it !!

Just bought this and it does everything I want. Very pleased

Fab product

I have a bosch mixer! That baby works so hard been using it for 5 years none stop as i bake all day long, my daughter had one twice the price and packed upafter a few weeks use! Go for Bosch i told her x
Kitchen mahine in foreground with other Bosch Small applainces in background.

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Cook like a professional chef with Bosch kitchen machines. From food processors to multi-purpose food mixers with built-in scales, Bosch has an appliance for you to mix, chop, beat and blend your way to creating amazing dishes that will have everyone's mouths watering.

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