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Cleaning your dishwasher

Keeping your dishwasher clean has never been so simple

There are basic dishwasher maintenance tips you can carry out to make sure you get a perfectly washed load of dishes every time, from clearing out blockages in the dishwasher filter to removing residue from the dishwasher spray arms. See our helpful videos and maintenance tips below to keep your dishwasher showroom clean and working at its optimum performance for longer.

How do I clean my dishwasher?

You might think that your dishwasher is self-cleaning as it regularly runs hot soapy water through its system, but these appliances still need to undergo regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve the quality and the performance of your dishwasher. We recommend that you use our tested and approved dishwasher maintenance cleaning powder every four to six months for a professional standard intensive clean which powerfully removes grease, starch and other residues.

Dishwasher cleaning powder

How do I clean my dishwasher filter?

In order to prevent your dishwasher filter from gathering excess food and residue, a thorough and regular cleaning of the filter is required which will help to prevent water collecting in the bottom of the dishwasher due to blockages, and food particles going back onto plates, cups and cutlery. Please watch the video on the right for instructions on how to clean the filter from start to finish.

Need a new dishwasher filter? No problem. If your filter has become badly blocked or damaged, you can purchase a brand new filter from our online store.

Dishwasher filter

How do I clean my dishwasher spray arms?

The spray arms in your dishwasher dispense water to clean and rinse your dishes. If your dishwasher is producing an unsatisfactory cleaning and rinsing result, it could be the result of blockages that have built up in the jet holes of these spray arms over time. Watch the video on the left to learn how to clean the spray arms of your dishwasher the correct way.

How do I use the dishwasher care product?

Our dishwasher maintenance cleaning powder is great for periodic intensive cleaning, but if you also want to keep your dishwasher showroom standard clean on a more regular basis, then we highly recommend our tested and approved dishwasher care product to ensure a clean hygienic dishwasher and great cleaning results time and time again. Watch our video on the right which demonstrates how to use this product on your dishwasher.

Dishwasher care product

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