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Cleaning your cooling appliances

Simple cleaning tips to keep your fridge and freezer fresh, clean and bacteria free

Fridges and freezers are essential appliances in the home, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness in these appliances is not only important for hygenic reasons, but also to ensure that they continue to work effectively to keep your food fresh and tasting delicious. See our helpful videos and maintenance tips below to receive simple, easy to follow cleaning advice and guidance to keep your cooling appliance in tip top condition.

How do I clean the inside of my fridge and freezer?

It couldn't be simpler to clean the shelves, compartments, inner walls and door seal of your fridge and freezer. Follow the step by step list below to give your cooling appliances a comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

  • Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug or switch off the fuse.
  • Take out the food and store in a cool location. Place ice packs on the food if available.
  • Wait until the layer of frost has thawed.
  • Clean the appliance with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a little pH neutral washing-up liquid. The rinsing water must not run into the light or through the drainage hole into the evaporation area.
  • Wipe the door seal with clear water only and then wipe dry thoroughly.
  • After cleaning re-connect and switch the appliance back on.
  • Put the food back into the appliance.

How do I change the water filter on my American style fridge freezer?

In order to instantly improve the cleanliness, freshness, and most importantly the taste of the water dispensed from your American style fridge freezer, we recommend that you change the water filter every six months. This will ensure that your water filter will continue to remove chlorine, calcium and other impurities from the water. The video on the right will demonstrate how to change the internal water filter on your American style fridge freezer from start to finish.

Water filters

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