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Washing Machine Tips

Guide to perfect washing machine performance

Taking a little care of your washing machine goes a long way.

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With more people using non-bio powder and washing at lower temperatures, effective cleaning and care of your washing machine ?is more important than ever. By looking after your washing machine, it will keep delivering outstanding cleaning results month after month, year after year – just as it did from the day it was installed.

We recommend using our tested and approved cleaning and care products for washing machines because we guarantee they’re safe, effective and will help to keep your machine in optimum condition. Which means that whatever laundry you put in, it all comes out the same. Perfectly clean every time.

A cleaner machine cleans better.

Our tested and approved washing machine cleaner keeps your machine gleaming, odour free and it can also improve washing results.

Residue from washing powders and fabric conditioners can build up over time in your machine, especially when frequently washing at lower temperatures. These residues can leave black marks on your laundry. In addition, unpleasant odours can transfer from the machine to your clothes: so whilst they might look clean, they don’t smell clean!

Our washing machine cleaner is tested and approved to remove both washing powder and fabric conditioner residues, as well as machine odours. By using it once every three months, you’ll maintain a cleaner, more hygienic interior and really notice the difference where it matters most - on your laundry.

Targeted cleaning.

Don’t let limescale affect your laundry.

Regular descaling of your washing machine is vital to protect it from harmful limescale deposits and keep it working in optimum condition.

Limescale builds up over time in every washing machine, but can be more prevalent depending on the washing powder, liquid or gel you use, and how you use the appliance. It is also particularly an issue for those living in hard water areas.

Our tested and approved descaler ensures your washing machine is limescale free and in optimum working order. We recommend using it once every three to six months, as it will improve both the performance of your washing machine and help to increase the lifetime of the appliance.

Top tips.

There are some other quick and easy maintenance tips we’d recommend you carry out, as well as using our cleaner and descaler regularly on your washing machine.

Tip 1 – Where possible, leave the door of the washing machine open – especially after a washing cycle. This allows air to circulate and helps prevent the build-up of odours.

Tip 2 – Clean inside the rubber lining found at the opening of the drum window with a damp cloth. This helps prevent the build-up of black marks and residues that can transfer on to your clothes during a wash.

Tip 3 – Always use the correct temperature setting for the detergent you are using. For example, tablets shouldn’t be used at 30 degrees as this is not hot enough to dissolve them. If in doubt, check the instructions on your packet and never ‘over dose’ as this can damage your clothes.

Tip 4 – Regularly detach and clean the detergent drawer. This helps to ensure that the detergent dispenses into the machine correctly. If the detergent holes are blocked with residue build-up, you can clean them with a washing up brush.