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Serie 8 cooking

The Bosch Serie 8 range of cooking appliances.

Serie 8 cooking

We have created the perfect menu for you.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel. But we taught it how to cook.

Our intuitive control wheel and TFT-touch display makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn you can adjust any of your oven’s settings giving you full control over your dishes at all times with the perfect end result.

A cutting-edge Serie 8 Bosch oven.

Put a new spin on your cooking career.

No matter how complicated the recipe, the Serie 8 oven makes it a piece of cake. These cutting-edge ovens constantly monitor the progress of your cooking and automatically regulate temperature and length of time. Think of it as having your very own master chef helping you in the kitchen.

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Steams so gently, even your vitamins will stay for dinner

Steams so gently that even the vitamins stay for dinner.

There is no healthier or tastier way to prepare food than in a Serie 8 steamer. Food retains its vitamins and aromas while bringing out the full and natural flavours. Vegetables stay crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender. With steam, you can even cook without adding oil or fat.

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For those times when you need your food ready more quickly.

Fits perfectly with your schedule.

Sometimes you can’t get the food to the table fast enough. Our Serie 8 microwaves help you to heat up baby foods, pre-cooked meals and frozen foods very quickly, hygienically and tastily.

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Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

Our warming drawers can do more than just keep your meals and dishes warm. They are also perfect for slow cooking meat, thawing frozen foods, melting chocolate, drying fruit and letting yeast dough rise. For extra storage, we recommend our accessory drawers with lots of extra space for baking trays and cookware.

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Now your favourite café is open 24/7.

Now your favourite café is open 24/7.

Espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato? With the Serie 8 built-in coffee machine, you can treat yourself and your guests to any beverage at the touch of a button. Bosch Barista technology guarantees a full-bodied aroma and perfect crema as delicious as those brewed in your favourite café.

No-one ever cooked for you in style like this.

No one ever cooked for you in style like this.

In addition to classic stainless steel, we offer you our Series 8 appliances in timeless ColorGlass variants Arctic White and Volcano Black. Thanks to their perfect combination of finest glass and metal, they can be easily and beautifully integrated in any kitchen. Besides, they are very easy to clean. They are the right choice if you want that dream kitchen you'll always enjoy.

Fits every kitchen. And every need.

Fits every kitchen. And every need.

The Serie 8 appliances are the stand-out choice – but not just because of their superior performance and convenience. They are engineered to perfection and the panel heights and display designs for all Serie 8 products are consistent across the entire range. No matter which built-in appliances or heights you choose, they all fit together in complete harmony.