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Bosch i-DOS washing machines

i-DOS washing machine with flower in measuring container

Bosch i-DOS: Perfect laundry made effortless.

i-DOS automatically doses the right amount of detergent for each wash, giving you perfectly clean clothes with less effort and resource use.

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Take a load off with i-DOS.

Thanks to i-DOS, Bosch smart washing machines just got even smarter. Bosch i-DOS technology automatically determines the right setting and the optimal amount of detergent and water for the perfect wash.

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Neat and folded laundry

i-DOS: Simply effortless washing.

Bosch i-DOS technology has revolutionised washing machines: just add your laundry, start the programme, and relax.

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Save detergent.

Use too little detergent and your laundry won’t come clean, use too much detergent and your washing machine has to work overtime. Bosch i-DOS auto-dosing technology takes away the guesswork, can reduce detergent use by up to 30%, and because you only need to refill the detergent every few weeks, i-DOS can also reduce packaging.

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Save water.

i-DOS doesn't just look after your laundry, it also looks after the environment. Precise water dosing means you could save up to 7,000 litres of water of every year and cut the average washing cycle by 14 minutes. Great for your bank balance and even better for the planet.

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More convenience.

i-DOS by Bosch automatically detects the type of fabric, the degree of soiling, and the size of load to deliver the optimum amount of detergent and water. Fill-up the 1.3 litre detergent tank and then let your washing machine make the decisions for weeks of hassle-free washing.

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How does i-DOS work? Simply & automatically.

Explore the Bosch i-DOS washing machine range.

At Bosch we are understandably proud of our latest self-dosing washing machines. You can view the latest i-DOS washing machines here. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our recent customers think about washing machines with i-DOS:

Beep goes on forever!

Apart from being unable to limit the number of beeps upon end of program which is really anoying,the machine is great. I want a loud singular beep, only one. Not something that keeps nagging me, escpicially when I try to put the kids to sleep. No, I dont want to postpone the program to plan for the beep to come at a more convenient time. I want a simple setting for this, easily done with a few rows of code in the MCU when programming, shame on you product magager!

Fantastic Machine

If you are thinking about purchasing this machine my advice is buy it. Completely intuitive to use and incredibly energy efficient and the best washing machine I’ve purchased to date.

Easy and Quiet

I have not had this product long. Its really easy to use. I love the features like how you can adjust level of how dirty a load is.

Very quiet washingmachine with good features

I have this washing machine for about 3 weeks now, the first impression is that it's running so quiet, when it's in washing mode you don't feel there's motor running other than the sound of clothes bumping, however it will become a bit noisy when it's adding water, drainning or spinning. The machine is made in Turkey and it seems well built. The features are great, it has the drum clean which I think it's very important, also it comes with a LED light so you can see your clothes when you put them in. The reason it's 4 stars and not 5 stars is the smart feature - wifi connection with the mobile, as Bosch is using Home Connect app for its online feature, I had difficualty setting up the the machine with my mobile phone. When I follow the setup it always saying can't connect to the Home Connect service, and it lasts a week still not working, then I contact Home connect and they said they will sent an engineer to come, but I told them it's the app issue not the washing machine issue. Lastly I used my wife's android phone to setup the wifi feature successfully, the app is very powerful and you can customise addtional programs, you can select what clothes you want to wash e.g. Lingerine, socks, jeans etc then it will suggest an optimised program and send to the washing machine. The app ux is very bad though. Overall it's a very good washing machine, although connection of the app is a bit troublesome to setup.

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