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Washing trainers in the washing machine

Bosch has got all the information you need to know about washing trainers in the washing machine the right way. Cleaning trainers by hand is hard work, especially if they are heavily stained and covered in mud, but most people are unaware that it is perfectly okay to wash many different types of trainers in the washing machine.

Below we have outlined what types of trainer materials are suitable to be washed in the washing machine and a step-by-step guide to explain the correct process of washing trainers in the washing machine to make them look brand new again, right out of the box!

Can I wash my trainers in the washing machine?

Unlike shoes that are typically made from animal materials, such as leather or suede which can sustain water damage by being washed in a washing machine, trainers are typically made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester which are more hard-wearing and can therefore withstand multiple washes in a washing machine.

However, it is very important to follow the instructions found on the care label attached to your trainers, which will determine whether or not your trainers are suitable to be washed in a washing machine. If the care label on your trainers advises against machine washing, then an alternative washing method will be recommended, such as hand washing.

How to wash trainers in the washing machine

  • Remove the laces from your trainers and scrub off any excess mud or dirt from the surface using an old toothbrush or a wire brush. This will allow the washing machine to clean away any remaining dirt on your trainers more effectively.
  • Ideally put your trainers and its laces inside a mesh laundry bag and then place this in the washing machine drum. This will prevent the trainers from becoming trapped on the inside of the drum, especially between the rubber door seal.
  • To reduce the noise from the trainers banging against the washing machine drum, it is advisable to add a few towels into the drum along with your trainers. This will help to soften the impact of the trainers hitting against the drum by providing a layer of protection.
  • Wash your trainers using a cold water temperature to prevent the colours from fading and bleeding out. We recommend that you use a water temperature of 30°C for best results. Additionally use a high quality colour detergent, which should be added to the drum in a dosing ball with your trainers prior to starting the wash cycle.

How to dry trainers

After washing your trainers in the washing machine, it might be quite tempting to pop them straight in the tumble dryer to get them dried out quickly. However, we would strongly advise against this, as the heat from the tumble dryer can cause considerable damage to trainers by melting the glue, leaving them vunerable to breaking. A better idea is to air dry your trainers outside, so long as it is not raining! This will also ensure that your trainers are dried in the correct shape so that they will remain comfortable to wear.

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