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Which washing machine programme should I use?

When it comes to selecting the right programme to wash the laundry in your Bosch washing machine, there are plenty of options available to choose from and it can be quite daunting at first. For most of these programmes it's easy to work out what they are and when to use them, but others require further explanation.

That's why we have listed below the most important programmes that can be found on our Bosch washing machines and in what situations they should be used. Please note that the availability of these listed programmes depends upon the specific model of your Bosch washing machine.


Cotton / coloureds This basic programme is for washing hard-wearing fabrics such as cotton and linen (e.g. t-shirts, bed linen, towels and tablecloths). It is suitable for coloured laundry up to 60°C. Above 60°C and up to 90°C, it is suitable for white laundry or colour fast fabrics (e.g. work clothes).
Coloureds eco Economically optimised cottons / coloureds programme with a focus on guaranteeing maximum washing performance with minimal consumption of energy and water. To achieve this, the programme duration is longer than the basic programme.
Easy-care Basic programme for washing less hard-wearing fabrics such as fine cotton, synthetic fibres or blending fabrics. Suitable for shirts or blouses, but also t-shirts made of delicate cotton and coloured fabrics. Sorting according to colours is recommended.
Mixed fabrics Especially for mixed items of laundry made of various hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics.
Delicates / silk Delicates programme for particularly delicate fabrics such as machine-washable silk, satin and viscose. The fabrics are spun at a very low speed. It is recommended that you do not wash these fabrics together with other rougher fabrics. The use of detergent for delicates is recommended.
Woollens Wool becomes matted when subjected to heat, moisture and movement. The woollens programme takes these qualities into account and finds a middle ground between standing still and movement so that the goal of cleaning the laundry is achieved. The use of detergent for woollens is recommended.
Rinsing For rinsing, fabric softening, starching and subsequent final spin.
Gentle spin For gentle spinning of wet laundry, e.g. after rinse hold. The spin cycle operates with four increasing spin peaks reaching a maximum of 1200rpm. Fabrics are not harmed, the formation of creases is minimised and items are ideally prepared for being dried in the dryer.
Spin For spinning wet laundry, e.g. after rinse hold.
Drain For draining the water from the machine, e.g. after rinse hold.
Extra short / 15 minutes Consists of a short wash cycle, as well as a spin cycle and is suitable for freshening up cotton or easy-care fabrics. For example, it is good for washing new clothes before wearing them for the first time. Do not exceed the maximum load size for this cycle.
Blouses / shirts Especially optimised for easy-care of outer laundry. The manufacturers of non-iron shirts recommend handing up the shirts when dripping wet to achieve a perfect crease-free result. The shirts can be taken from the machine without dripping by selecting the easy-iron function. However they are wet enough to be prepared for the self-smoothing effect, so that when hung on a clothes line they start to drip. If the programme is operated with the basic settings, the clothes are spun more gently than with a normal easy-care programme, thereby reducing the formation of creases and making ironing easier.
Sensitive Developed for people with allergies and high hygienic requirements. It keeps the temperature constant during the washing process, so that the fabrics being washed become very clean hygienically and thus removes allergy triggers, germs or house dust mites particularly effectively. Moreover, detergent is removed from the laundry more intensively through longer rinsing with an increased water level. It is suitable for hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics such as cotton and linen.
Outdoor Especially suited for washing weatherproof clothes, sportswear and outdoor clothing with membrane technology. It washes fabrics gently and has a spin cycle that is specially designed for predominantly water-impermeable clothes. Due to their impregnation, these special fabrics should be washed with less detergent, but therefore more often. Use delicate or special liquid detergent.
Power wash 60 Allows you to wash and rinse normally soiled laundry effectively in a short time. Energy and water consumption are increased in comparison to the cottons / coloureds programme due to the short programme duration. It is suitable for hard-wearing fabrics such as cotton and linen.
Sportswear Used for washing sweaty sports clothes thoroughly. Since these fabrics are generally sweaty but not heavily soiled, only short wash and rinse cycles are necessary, which is reflected in the short programme times. To prevent creases from forming in sports clothes which are predominantly made of synthetic fibres, the temperature of the clothes is lowered by adding water before the spin cycle. It is particularly well suited to microfibers and synthetic fabrics which are only slightly soiled.
Curtains Features higher water levels during washing and rinsing. The spin speeds are lower than with other wash programmes and the water is quickly drained at the end of the programme by spinning, so that curtains can be hung up damp. It is designed to thoroughly remove dust particles and reduce the formation of creases. It is suitable for washing lightweight curtains as well as heavy ones.
Dark laundry Special programme for washing dark fabrics made of cotton or blended fabrics (including jeans). Laundry is washed with an increased water level for a particularly gentle treatment of colours and the fabric. Detergent residue is avoided by rinsing with more water than usual. Fabrics are spun gently to prevent the formation of creases in jeans during the spin cycle. It is recommended that the laundry is washed inside out and that liquid detergents are used.
Lingerie Programme designed for very small loads of particularly sensitive laundry / undergarments. A temperature of 30°C is used for washing because most of the items are sensitive to heat. In order to also ensure good hygiene, the programme maintains the temperature over the entire washing cycle. Spinning is very brief in order to protect the laundry. The use of detergent for delicates is recommended. Fabric softeners should not be used, so that the elasticity of the fine fabrics is preserved.
Down For down-filled items. It has a special wetting cycle for handling the difficult properties of down effectively including soaking down-filled items thoroughly and preventing the formation of foam. Furthermore, the down is heated in several steps (gentle on down / down optimised) and the temperature is kept constant during the subsequent washing process. In order to ideally protect and prepare down-filled items for the recommended drying in the tumble dryer, they are spun in short intervals. Due to the frequently heavy foaming of fine or special detergents used for down, a small amount of detergent is recommended.

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