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Cleaning the washing machine filter

A lot of minor faults with washing machines can be traced back to the fillter. If your washing machine is vibrating, making a loud noise, taking longer to complete a cycle, stopping randomly during a cycle, or the washing is coming out wet, the chances are that you have a clogged filter. It is also common for small foreign objects, such as buttons and coins, to become trapped in the filter which can prevent the impeller from turning.

Thankfully this can be quickly and easily resolved with simple cleaning and maintenance of the filter. Cleaning the washing machine filter regularly will also prevent future faults with your washing machine.

1. First turn off the appliance and disconnect the power, then turn off the water supply.

2. Lay a towel on the floor and unclip the pump cover. You will find a drain hose which can be used to release residual water into a tray or shallow container.

3. Pull the end of the drain hose out over the bowl, take off the drain hose cap and allow the water to flow into the tray or container. You might need to drain the water into the tray or container multiple times.

4. Once you have drained all the water, make sure you have replaced the cap and drain hose.

5. Unscrew the filter cap and slide it out. Water will come out onto the towel you have laid down. You may find obstructions in the filter such as coins, buttons or a build-up of lint. These should be removed before thoroughly cleaning the filter.

6. Carefully check if the impeller moves freely.

7. Once this is done, screw the filter cap back tightly into the locked vertical position.

8. Close the pump cover and ensure that it is clicked into position.

9. You can then turn on the water supply and power again.

Step by step guide

  • Turn off the appliance and water supply.
  • Lay a towel on the floor and unclip the pump cover.
  • Open the drain hose cap to release the residual water and replace the hose and cap afterwards.
  • Unscrew the filter cap and slide it out before cleaning it.
  • Check if the impeller moves freely before screwing the filter cap back.
  • Turn the water supply and power back on.

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