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Enhance your Bosch appliances with accessories

Many appliances can be enhanced by purchasing tested and approved accessories. You can browse our range or contact us today to see what's available. Our online store provides everything from recommended cookware to replacement dust bags and filters for vacuum cleaners. Select from the appliance categories below to view our available accessories.

Get your dishwasher rack back on track

Have you lost one of the wheels for your bottom dishwasher rack? No problem. We sell original replacement wheels that are tested and approved for Bosch dishwashers, and for a limited time only you can purchase four wheels for the price of three.

Dishwasher rack wheel

Replace your oven light bulb with ease

The awkward job of replacing the light bulb in your Bosch oven has been made easier and simpler with the use of our bulb cover removal tool. You can purchase this tool as part of our oven bulb and tool pack which also comes with a replacement E14 oven bulb.

Oven bulb and tool pack

Need to replace your dishwasher filter?

If your dishwasher filter has become badly blocked or damaged, you can purchase a brand new replacement filter directly from our online store to keep your dishwasher working at its optimum performance for longer.

Dishwasher filter

Washing and drying

We've thoroughly tested and approved all the accessories from our online store that prolong the lifetime of your washing and drying appliances at the best performance level. And we've come up with a couple of other ideas for providing your laundry with a smooth and swift journey from the basket back to your cupboard.

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Cooking and baking

Browse through our online store and discover the many great offers on reliable, elegant kitchen accessories, as well as many maintenance products, cleaning products and other enhancements for your Bosch kitchen appliances.

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Bosch accessories help you protect your dishes and preserve the perfect cleaning power of your dishwasher, optimising its loading capacity with many clever mounting accessories for super efficient dishwashing.

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Cooling and freezing

A balanced diet comes from a variety of food types, and because they exist in all shapes and sizes, they all have different storage requirements. Bosch supplies a range of clever component accessories which add flexibly to your cooling applicances.

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In order to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and moisture free, you will need to replace the carbon filters regulary to ensure that your Bosch cooker hood is working at its very best. We also supply accessories for cooker hood that are vented to the outside.

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Coffee machines

Discover a wide range of original tested and approved accessories on our online store to complement your Bosch coffee machine and enhance the quality of your coffee making experience.

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Vacuum cleaning

Whether its replacement dust bags and filters for your bagged vacuum cleaner or a complete accessory set for your new Bosch Athlet, we have a huge selection of accessories to keep your Bosch vacuum cleaner in perfect working condition.

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Food preparation

If you are looking to further enhance your Bosch food preparation appliance, you have come to the right place. Discover our range of food preparation tools to add versatility to your cooking and perfection to your food.

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Small appliances

Bosch small appliances work the hardest day in day out to make life easier for you. That's why we stock a wide range of quality accessories to complement your small appliances and to give them the care and attention they deserve.

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