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The Easy Access fridge

Easy Access Fridge

A revolutionary storage concept. What makes Easy Access different from any other fridge is that it employs a system of pull-out drawers instead of traditional shelving.

The Easy Access Fridge

A revolutionary storage concept
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Larger capacity

The new design utilises the interior space more efficiently than in a conventional fridge resulting in 28% bigger drawers and a 30% bigger salad compartment and allows storage of up to eight 1.5 litre upright bottles and six horizontal bottles.

Easier to clean

If anything does spill, the drawers contain liquids so they can’t leak to other levels of the appliance. The smooth surface of the drawers is very easy to wipe clean, though the drawers can be removed easily if more thorough cleaning is required.
Easy access fridge excellent visibility

Excellent visibility

With the pull-out drawer system you can see exactly what you’ve got in your fridge without having to take everything out first.
Easy access  fridge everything has its place

Everything has its place

Everything – from bottles, to eggs and butter – is kept safe and securely in place thanks to space dividers and bottle grips.
Easy access fridge big fresh one

The big fresh one

This dual-purpose drawer succeeds where traditional fridges fail. Not only does it provide more space for storing fruit and vegetables comfortably, it provides a home for bottles and tall items that need to be stored upright.
Easy access fridge two drawers in one

Two drawers in one

The ingeniously designed drawer ensures the best use of space within the appliance. The extra-deep section is ideally suited for storing taller items such as tins, bottles or jars while the shallow section creates space for bottle storage in the drawer below.
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