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Food Preparation

Food preparation

The easy way to perfect food preparation.

Award-winning food processors, food mixers, hand blenders and electric whisks, all built on over 60 years of cooking excellence.

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Food preparation

Our recipe for unlimited cooking pleasure?

  1. Model Types
  2. Features
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Create a banquet with ease or whizz up a quick snack.

Create a banquet with ease or whizz up a quick snack.

Whether you need to create small quantities quickly, or need a powerful helping hand for entertaining large numbers, Bosch food mixers can cope with whatever you throw at them. Our latest models combine over 60 years development experience so it’s no wonder you’ll always get perfect food preparation results day in, day out.

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Sometimes, it’s better to be stirred not shaken.

Sometimes, it’s better to be stirred not shaken.

Thanks to precise German engineering and design, our latest hand mixers are perfectly balanced ensuring that they can both quickly and easily work through any ingredients, and remain smooth to hold. The precisely designed ergonomic handle ensures the perfect fit for any user, so you get perfectly light mixes without any undue effort.

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We build powerful performance into every appliance.

We build powerful performance into every appliance.

We want each and every one of our small appliances to exceed your expectations. It’s why we rigorously test every model throughout its development to ensure it will stir, mix, shred, grate, knead and chop exactly the way you want it to in your kitchen. Through innovative design and utilising the latest blade technology, we believe we’ve not only created the tools to keep up with all your kitchen chores for years to come, but we’ve also ensured the appliances look as good as they perform too.



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  • MaxxiMUM design/material Robust, solid-metal housing, brushed metal appliqués, a timeless and clean shape, pure brilliance and dynamism — it's time for a new era in your kitchen.
    MaxxiMUM design/material
excellent results

excellent results

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  • Plastic mixer foot Plastic mixer foot with stainless steel blade — easy to remove, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and easy to handle.
    Plastic mixer foot
  • 450 watts The powerful 450-watt motor makes processing dishes as convenient and efficient a task as you want and need. And what's more, it's incredibly quiet.
    450 watts
  • FineCreamer
    FineCreamer Adding more volume to culinary ideas. The innovative FineCreamer beating whisks are fitted with little balls to inject more air into the processed mixture. The result is airier doughs and creams, and more egg white and cream in less time.
  • Pulse/turbo function
    Pulse/turbo function An additional pulse/turbo function provides maximum performance at the touch of a button and enables doughs to be perfected or accessories to be operated on the back of the appliance.
    Pulse/turbo function
  • Stainless steel foot The high-quality stainless steel mixer foot with optimised design and stainless steel blade ensures cleaner and convenient working and is easy to remove for cleaning.
    Stainless steel foot
  • Optimal settings With an infinitely variable speed with LED display, as well as a function for optimal crushing and a pulse function for working in intervals (e.g. when crushing ice), it couldn't be easier.
    Optimal settings
  • 500 watts
    500 watts The 500-watt motor provides enough power to meet any cooking or baking challenge — with optimal results every time.
    500 watts
  • 1000-watt motor
    1000-watt motor When it comes to fast and convenient processing of large quantities and demanding doughs, the 1000-watt motor really comes into its own. It offers maximum performance and delivers optimal results.
    1000-watt motor
  • 1250 watts
    1250 watts Optimal power with 1250 watts, so you can handle difficult tasks and large quantities. You'll get the desired consistency in perfect quality — with exceptional speed and thorough results, even with particularly demanding doughs such as yeast doughs and bread doughs.
    1250 watts
  • 12 speeds
    12 speeds Whatever it may be—mayonnaise, baby food or soup, cutting, mincing or mixing—the optimal speed is available for each task, along with a selectable turbo function if needed.
    12 speeds
  • 1600-watt motor
    1600-watt motor The motor, by far the most powerful on the market at 1600 watts, generates enormous power that meets professional standards. It provides rapid and perfect results at a consistently high level of quality, including when processing difficult bread and pasta doughs.
    1600-watt motor
  • 3D Planetary Mixing
    3D Planetary Mixing The advanced, unique planetary mixing gear enables powerful mixing movements in three dimensions at all times, so all the ingredients are always thoroughly mixed to optimum effect — with perfect results every time.
    3D Planetary Mixing
  • Five speeds
    Five speeds The correct speed is available for each application, along with optimal power for every situation — thanks to the five speed settings.
    Five speeds
  • 600-watt motor With 600 watts, you can take care of any task in an instant, from preparing smoothies, fitness drinks and soups to crushing ice.
    600-watt motor
  • 600 watts
    600 watts Powerful with low noise and low vibrations. The 600-watt motor makes short work of anything you want to mix and crush — and it's incredibly convenient.
    600 watts
  • 700 watts
    700 watts At 700 watts, the motor has enough power for all your day-to-day kitchen requirements. From shredding, grating, grinding, mixing and pureeing to preparing demanding dishes — you could hardly ask for more.
    700 watts
  • 750 watts
    750 watts Power you would normally only see in a professional kitchen. The exceptionally powerful 750-watt motor ensures optimal results in all tasks every time.
    750 watts
  • 800-watt motor
    800-watt motor Creative and ambitious cuisine is now easier than ever with 800 watts of power and a range of speeds. These features also ensure impressive performance when processing a wide variety of doughs.
    800-watt motor
  • 800 watts Complete everyday tasks in the kitchen with ease and convenience. 800 watts of power and multiple speed settings enable convenient preparation of food, as well as quick and perfect results.
    800 watts
  • 900-watt motor
    900-watt motor In combination with the new electronics and the innovative Multi-Motion-Drive function, the 900-watt motor provides plenty of power and a high mixing speed, so even heavy doughs are mixed to optimum effect.
    900-watt motor
  • MultiMotion Drive
    MultiMotion Drive The dynamic planetary gear allows the stirring tools to rotate right to the edge of the bowl in elliptical motions, so all the contents are kneaded extremely thoroughly without leaving any dough residue behind on the edge of the bowl.
    MultiMotion Drive
  • Quattro Blade The innovative QuattroBlade knife with exceptional cut offers true professional qualities when mixing and crushing. The blade processes everything quickly and thoroughly, but also evenly and with care.
    Quattro Blade
  • QuattroBlade Pro
    QuattroBlade Pro The innovative design of the hand blender bell with its distinctive golf ball-style sections ensures that ingredients are perfectly blended. This is because the structure of the hand blender bell guides the ingredients directly onto the rotating QuattroBlade Pro. In addition, users will notice that the appliance doesn't suck down onto the bottom of the measuring beaker as much.
    QuattroBlade Pro
  • Supercut blade
    Supercut blade With its serrated edge and large cutting surface, the innovative Supercut universal blade cuts easily and accurately through ingredients like hard and soft vegetables while remaining sharp for significantly longer. Fish, meat and herbs are also easy to cut.
    Supercut blade
  • TurboButton
    TurboButton An additional turbo button provides maximum power at the touch of a button so you can implement your ideas quickly and easily and achieve optimal results every time.
  • Smart Dough Sensor
    Smart Dough Sensor Heavy doughs and large quantities are a real challenge for kitchen machines. The Smart Dough Sensor makes it easy, ensuring fast and consistently perfect results through a constant mixing speed. It does this in any situation, including when working with large quantities and heavy doughs.
    Smart Dough Sensor


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  • MaxxiMUM accessory sets When it comes to accessory sets for the Maxxi-MUM, you have a choice of three themed equipment variants: VeggieLove, PastaPassion or VitalEmotion — the right solution for each individual preference.
    MaxxiMUM accessory sets
  • Multifunctional Helps you with almost anything, making a lot of tasks easier. The compact food processor chops onions, nuts and Parmesan cheese. It cuts, slices, mixes, purees and stirs doughs, whips cream and has many other impressive functions.
  • MUM 4 special accessories The meat mincer, citrus press, blender attachment, pastry attachment, fruit press attachment and ice-cream maker are just a few examples of the wide array of MUM 4 accessories. They give you virtually everything you could want and need in your kitchen.
    MUM 4 special accessories
  • 50 functions
    50 functions Sophisticated equipment, intelligent functions and a range of practical accessories, from the stainless steel beating and stirring whisks to the continuous shredder with five functions.
    50 functions
  • 55 functions
    55 functions Fast food or family celebrations — with a wide range of functions and accessories, you can meet any challenge. Plastic blender attachment included
    55 functions
  • 60 functions
    60 functions Stirring, kneading, shredding, mixing — the extensive range of accessories caters for every task. Exclusive extras such as a meat mincer or citrus press are also included.
    60 functions
  • ProPuree
    ProPuree Potato, pea and fruit purees simply taste best when they're homemade. Especially when preparing them is easier and more convenient than ever with the ProPuree masher attachment.
  • Professional Tool
    Professional Tool The extra-sharp professional zig-zag cut of the professional Supercut cutting disc can process even difficult-to-cut fruit and vegetables with soft consistency and cut them into fine, even slices — it's easy, convenient and extremely precise.
    Professional Tool
  • Up to 120 functions
    Up to 120 functions Starter, main course, cocktail or dessert — thanks to the wide range of accessories, such as the solid-metal beating whisk, absolute stirring whisk, ThermoSafe Blender and 5.4 l stainless steel bowl, there will be no limits on your creativity in the kitchen.
    Up to 120 functions


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  • SuperSilent
    SuperSilent Efficient reduction of operating noise thanks to the latest motor technology: powerful but pleasantly quiet.
  • AccessoryBag
    AccessoryBag A practical bag provides safe and compact storage for small accessories. The bag and its contents fit easily in the mixing bowl and are always to hand.
  • Design The universal connection fits all attachments and is extremely practical, ensuring a high level of functionality and convenience. It also enables a compact and attractive design.
  • Auto CableRewind If you've finished working, then gently pull on the cable and the automatic cable rewind will make the cable disappear completely into the appliance. It couldn't be easier or more convenient.
    Auto CableRewind
  • AntiSplash
    AntiSplash Annoying splashes when preparing dishes are a thing of the past thanks to Anti Splash mixer foot with optimised design. So all your work is easy, convenient and above all clean.
  • Cordless With no cable or socket, the innovative, high-performance lithium-ion batteries with no memory effect enable full power at all times and long periods of use at constant peak performance.
  • Easy ArmLift The innovative Easy ArmLift provides extra convenience. It works at the touch of a button and supports lifting of the multifunction arm, so you can replace dough tools with exceptional ease, speed and convenience.
    Easy ArmLift
  • ErgonomicDesign
    ErgonomicDesign The ergonomically shaped handle, large and easy-to-use buttons, low weight and quiet motor ensure quick, effortless and convenient operation.
  • Light
    Light The weight has been significantly reduced by using the latest motor technology and materials, making work easier and less tiring.
  • SoftTouch
    SoftTouch The ergonomic design and the special shape of the handle, with non-slip SoftTouch coating, ensures that the appliance is much more comfortable and safer in the hand.
  • TempSafe glass blender
    TempSafe glass blender Whatever you need to do, the TempSafe glass blender is the right tool. This all-rounder handles any task with ease, whether crushing ice cubes or frozen fruit, preparing delicious smoothies and ice-cold drinks or pureeing hot soups.
    TempSafe glass blender
  • XL mixing bowl With its 5.4 l volume for a dough quantity of up to 3.5 kg, this mixing bowl can handle bigger tasks. It is one of the largest mixing bowls on the market, letting you bring your creative ideas to life.
    XL mixing bowl
  • XXL mixing bowl
    XXL mixing bowl A 6.2 l bowl is the optimum place for the immense power to take effect, with four processing levels plus a powerful pulse function so doughs of up to 4.2 kg can be processed with ease.
    XXL mixing bowl
  • Infinitely variable control plus pulse function The optimal processing speed for every ingredient, every drink and every setting. Infinitely variable control and an additional pulse function for that extra boost of power ensure perfect results every time.
    Infinitely variable control plus pulse function


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  • MUM5 design/material With form and function in perfect harmony, the award-winning design is a treat for the eyes. A wide range of exceptional, trendy colours are available to suit your individual taste.
    MUM5 design/material
  • Plastic beaker Practical, 2.0 l capacity plastic beaker — shatter-proof and heat-resistant. Suitable for all requirements — from crushing ice to pureeing hot soups.
    Plastic beaker


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  • Safety
    Safety Rubber suction feet for maximum stability, safety lock and sliding lock to avoid any risk, fully covered blade, thumb protection and scrap holder for reliable protection in any situation
  • SafetyFunction
    SafetyFunction Maximum safety in every situation and in all areas: covers for unused drives, safety-lock mechanism for the mixing bowl, extra lid latch on accessories and many other functions for active safety.
  • SafetyStop
    SafetyStop SafetyStop offers efficient protection against injury: When opening the lid during operation, the motor stops immediately and automatically in seconds. The appliance can also be switched on only when all parts are properly assembled.
  • Safety included
    Safety included Thanks to the lid latch on the plastic mixing bowl and the mixer attachment, maximum safety is guaranteed at all times when operating the compact food processor.
    Safety included


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  • High Output
    High Output High performance for large quantities: Thanks to the powerful motor and sophisticated ergonomics, the ProPower meat mincer can process meat with an output of up to 4.3 kilograms per minute.
    High Output

MUM57830GB Stainless Steel Bosch Food processor and accessories

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MUM48R1GB Red Food processor and accessories

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Stainless Steel Black Hand Blender MSM6700GB

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Bosch’s range of hand blenders are perfect for soup making and all kinds of chopping, grating and slicing jobs.

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