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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch with Bosch
Bosch Stainless Steel American Style Fridge Freezer

"I'm just chillin'."

I’m an American style fridge freezer – and I’m one cool operator. NoFrost means you’ll never have to defrost this fridge freezer again, and my specially designed vegetable drawers will protect fruit and veg from condensation. No wonder some people think I’m fresh…

Chill out with the Bosch fridge freezer.

Bosch White Freestanding Dishwasher

"No one ever realises I’m working!"

I’m a SuperSilence Plus dishwasher which means I’m so quiet you probably won’t notice when I’m busy. And with VarioSpeed Plus, I can rinse your dishes three times faster. A no nonsense dishwasher – that’s me.

Ditch the rubber gloves with a Bosch dishwasher.

"I’m hot stuff."

Some call me Classixx. Some call me a little black glass number. Either way, I cook quickly, cleanly and safely – and save you energy whenever I can. I am a smart and sophisticated Bosch Induction Hob – what’s not to love?

Get cooking with a Bosch induction hob.

Bosch Brushed Steel Self Cleaning Oven

"I did the cleaning earlier, darling."

My Hotair Eco system will allow you to cook on just one shelf and because I’m a Bosch Self Cleaning Pyrolytic oven, you can spend your weekend watching Sunday Brunch instead of cleaning me.

Get baking with a Bosch oven.

"I’m saving my energy."

I scored A+++ in my energy efficiency, and with VarioPerfect, you decide between a faster or more energy efficient wash. Oh, and my AutoStain function will detect and remove 16 types of stain. Mmmm.

Clean up with a Bosch washing machine.

"I love mixing it up."

I’m here to help you with any of your cooking needs. Whether you’re baking cakes, making bread or slicing and grating veg for your Sunday Brunch. I put the multi into multi-functional food mixer.

Discover the world of the Bosch food mixer.

Bosch White Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

"There’s nothing holding me back!"

I’m compact, exceptionally powerful, I can keep going for up to 60 minutes and best of all – I’m cordless. They call me the Bosch Athlet 25.2V LithiumPower and I’m going places!

Unleash the Bosch Athlet.

Bosch Black Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Thanks to my QuattroPower System, I’ll give you outstanding cleaning results but you’ll use less energy. And I’m the quietest bagless vacuum cleaner on the market. Silence is Golden is my favourite song – obviously!

Shhh… Discover the Bosch GS-50 vacuum cleaner.

Bosch Red Styline Kettle

"I’m bubbling with excitement!"

It’s not just that I’ve won awards for my design. Or that I’ve got 4 different temperatures which is better for infusing your herbal teas. Now you can switch me on and watch me on Sunday Brunch!

Switch on to the Bosch kettle.

Bosch Red Styline Toaster

"I'm hot… all over."

I’m an amazing toaster I am; my MirrorHeating system gives an even heat distribution for perfect browning, but this is just one of my many attributes. I’ve also got a bun warmer, AutoHeat Control, Defrost, Re-heat and High-lift functions. Not bad for a little red toaster, eh?

See the hot Bosch toaster.

"Let me explain about being a Bosch engineer."

Guten Tag, I’m Karl, the Bosch Engineer. For over 30 years I’ve been working with our stars – the Bosch appliances. As well as our Sunday Brunch TV spots, I’ve also made some Let Karl Explain films to demonstrate their innovative features. Can you believe somebody once even asked if I was an actor?!

Switch on to the Bosch kettle.
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