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Glide through your ironing with Serie 6 - an easy choice for perfect results.

Bosch steam generator Serie 6 irons apply constant steam at high pressure so you can glide through the ironing faster and easier than ever before - a touch of genius.

A new generation of steam generators has arrived turning ironing into a complete breeze. With i-Temp, there’s no need to sort your laundry ready for ironing as one programme will suit all types of fabrics – from silk to denim. And VarioComfort delivers precision ironing and perfect results every time, giving you more time for yourself.

Along with these clever features, you’ll find smart innovation such as ProHygienic which leaves your laundry 99.99% bacteria-free, the SecureLock system which makes it safer to carry and store your iron, and a scratch-resistant soleplate for easy gliding.

Serie 6 Irons De‘mist’ified...

Discover the Serie 6 range.

Steam Generator

TDS6010 EasyComfort

Glide through your ironing quickly and easily with the constant steam pressure of 5,5 bar and the powerful Ultimate350 steam shot. There is also the unique i-Temp feature, one optimum temperature to suit all fabrics, so now there’s no need to pre-sort the laundry. With a stylish white and blue design, there is also an energy saving Eco-setting and Calc’nClean Perfect which efficiently and effortlessly cleans your iron for you.

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Steam Generator

TDS6040 EasyComfort

This modern looking model comes with a lock to fix the iron to the base. With the steam pressure of 5,8 bar and the Ultimate380 shot of steam it will also help you glide through your laundry with ease. It features a number of clever programmes, the i-Temp system irons all fabrics on one setting making ironing less of a chore. Calc’nClean Perfect cleans your iron and an Eco-setting gives you an energy-saving option.

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Steam Generator

TDS6080 VarioComfort

Welcome to VarioComfort – the easy way to perfect results. From synthetics to linen, constant steam delivers a super smooth glide. The i-Temp setting uses an optimum temperature to suit all your fabrics that saves you time. ProHygiene ensures your clothes are bacteria-free and there’s also an Eco-setting for efficiency. Calc’nClean Perfect gives you easy cleaning, along with an iron fixation, steam pressure of 6,2 bar and a powerful Ultimate400shot of steam.

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Serie 6 features explained.

i-Temp. One setting for all your ironing.

i-Temp uses one optimum temperature to suit all fabrics so now there’s no need to pre-sort the laundry. Scroll round to the i-Temp setting and your iron will do the rest.

With i-Temp you can save time and carefully look after your clothes.

Say goodbye to
limescale with
Calc’n Clean Perfect.

Calc’nClean Perfect is a highly-efficient cleaning system - a first for both the steam station and iron.

The fully-automatic cleaning programme for the iron also removes any limescale particles.

Removes 99.9% of microbes* from laundry.

The ProHygienic special programme eliminates 99.9% of microbes in fabrics, without chemicals, thanks to its innovative HygienicSteam technology.

Deep steam penetration kills germs, even on thicker textiles, whilst the soleplate maintains a constant temperature for microbe-free laundry every time.

*Tested by an external laboratory without the use of chemicals.

Glide your way to perfection. Genius.

Our VarioComfort system is easy to use and has a programme for all your fabrics. From silk and synthetics to denim and linen – you’ll get perfect results every time.

A Serie 6 VarioComfort iron applies constant high-pressure steam giving you precision ironing faster and easier than ever before.

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