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Dishwasher Mythbusters

Let Karl explain how you can get all your washing up done in a Bosch Dishwasher for just 40p in association with Finish Dishwasher TabletsKarl Bosch engineer

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MYTH: Dishwashers are expensive to run

MYTH: Dishwashers are expensive to run.

Karl, the Bosch Engineer reports that the average energy cost for running a full dishwasher cycle is only 14p. Even with water and detergent included, it could cost you around 40p to wash a full family load in a Bosch dishwasher - that's less than a 2nd class postage stamp!
40p based on average water, energy and detergent prices paid (Ofwat, uSwitch, Nielsen 2014).

View our cost-efficient models here

MYTH: Dishwashers use a lot of energy

MYTH: Dishwashers use a lot of energy.

When you consider how much time and effort is needed to wash up after a big family meal you might expect a dishwasher to use a lot of energy to do the same job. In fact, a modern Bosch dishwasher uses only 14p worth of electricity to heat up and circulate the water needed to make your dishes sparkling clean.
*See how a dishwasher compares to other household items in the table below.

View our most energy-efficient models here

MYTH: A dishwasher fills up with water

MYTH: A dishwasher fills up with water.

Anyone who opens their dishwasher door mid-wash will see a surprisingly small amount of water – less than a bowlful in the base of the machine.
This is because a dishwasher heats, circulates and cleans very small amounts of water in each cycle. It's been calculated that 10 litres of water used in a Bosch dishwasher has the equivalent cleaning effect of 4,000 litres passing through the machine, with the most efficient using as little as 6.5 litres per cycle.

View our most water-efficient models here

MYTH: Dishwashers are only for large families

Let Karl Explain Dishwashers

Many people think they won’t have enough dishes to fill a dishwasher and so not use it efficiently. However, dishwashers come in a range of different sized models, some as narrow as an open magazine at 45cm! Bosch compact dishwashers can fit on worktops.
Installing a slimline dishwasher is perfect for smaller families with limited kitchen space.

View our Slimline 45cm wide models here

MYTH: You still need to pre-wash dishes

Let Karl Explain Dishwashers

Pre-washing may have been necessary with some dishwashers 20 years ago, but dishwashing technology has come a long way since then. There is no need to wash your dishes in the sink first when using a modern Bosch dishwasher along with the super-charged cleaning power of Finish.
Simply scrape off the heavily soiled items, load up and enjoy the time to be more productive.

View our full range of dishwashers here
*Comparison of annual energy costs
APPLIANCEBased onAnnual Running Cost
DishwasherBosch Logixx dishwasher at 0.92kWh per cycle on Eco50 programme) 3.3 washes/week at @ 15.2p per kwH.£24
ShowerBased on 7.5kwH electric shower, 10min daily showering @ 15.2p per kwH.£69
HeaterBased on 1000W Fan heater, used for 4hours a day for 90 days @ 15.2p per kwH.£55
TVBased on 50” Plasma Smart TV, used for 4hours a day and 172kwH per year @ 15.2p per kwH.£26

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Karl, the Bosch engineer

Karl, the Bosch engineer, explains.

Karl, the Bosch Engineer, explains our latest Bosch products.

Karl Bosch explains
Karl Bosch with a dishwasher

Let Karl explain dishwashers.

Our engineer Karl has been working with the experts to understand just how much each wash programme costs

Karl Bosch explains dishwashers
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