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Freestanding dishwashers

Place our freestanding dishwasher wherever it suits you.

Sleek styling to suit all sizes of kitchen.

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Designed to fit under the counter of even the smallest kitchen, you’ll be pleased to see your freestanding dishwasher at the end of a big meal. Whether you go for slimline at just 45cm wide, or full size, there’s a range of easy-to-fit models. And with its stylish appearance, a freestanding dishwasher will look good in kitchens of any shape or size.

Choose the right size dishwasher for you.


Small outside, big inside.

Our 45cm wide slimline freestanding dishwashers are small on the outside but can still fit up to 10 place settings on the inside.

Full size

Fits perfectly, cleans brilliantly.

60cm wide freestanding dishwashers have room for up to 14 place settings and can be placed without the restriction of needing cupboard space.

Take your pick of freestanding dishwashers.

Slimline (45cm wide) - ideal for small kitchens.

Full size (60cm wide)

The dishdryer among dishwashers.

A dishwasher that dries as perfectly as it cleans, even on plastics. Our PerfectDry dishwashers use energy saving minerals that heat up when they come into contact with moisture, to create cupboard ready results naturally.

Compact (for counter tops)

Let Karl explain dishwashers.

Some surprising facts about dishwashers.

Owning a dishwasher may surprise you. If you’re worried your energy bill is going to go up, Karl, the Bosch Engineer, has some important news for you.

Did you know it takes a lot more energy to run a shower than a dishwasher? Let Karl explain below.

Did you know that using a dishwasher to clean a stack of dishes is cheaper than a cup of coffee?

Interested in a new Bosch dishwasher? Find your nearest stockist.

All you need is your postcode to find your nearest stockist. They will be happy to discuss our full range of dishwashers and their features with you, and help you find the Bosch dishwasher that best suits your needs.

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