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Let Karl explain

Two options, one result. Perfectly clean dishes.

Choose Eco50 to save more energy or SpeedPerfect to save time, even with a full load. Perfekt.
- Karl, the Bosch Engineer

Karl, the Bosch engineer, explains.

VarioPerfect™ washing machines

Two options, one result. Perfectly clean laundry. Discover how you can get a full load washed in an hour or using up to 66% less energy, even with a full load. *

VarioPerfect™ dishwashers

Two options, one result. Perfectly clean dishes. Discover how you can save more energy or save more time.

SpeedPerfect for washing machines

Saving water doesn't just help reduce our impact on the planet, but it also helps keep bills down for the thousands of households on a water meter. Discover how this washing machine could save you 13,000 litres a year.

Water-saving dishwashers

Everyone knows that dishwashers can help save valuable time in the kitchen, but we've designed another saving so that full loads can now be cleaned brilliantly using just 6 litres of water. Try doing that in the kitchen sink.

Energy saving tumble dryers

There's no need to feel guilty about using this tumble dryer. Using innovative heat pump technology and a self-cleaning condenser, it maintains its energy efficient performance for life without you having to do anything.

Fast induction hobs

Three times faster than ceramic and twice as fast as gas, induction hobs give you great power and control but also, because they only heat up the zone that is in touch with the pan you're using, also help save energy every time you cook.

Energy efficient fridge freezers

Our new A+++ fridge freezer uses as little as 50p a week in electricity and, with the average family throwing out nearly £700 worth of food a year, we've built in some clever food preservation technology to save you even more.

Power Silence vacuum

Powerful doesn't have to mean noisy. In fact, with this latest Power Silence vacuum cleaner, we've designed the quietest bagless cylinder cleaner on the market.*

*Independently tested against the top 10 best selling bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners, according to GfK Sales Data September 2011-August 2012. Test standard IEC 60704-2-1:2000. For more information on test results, please click here.