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VitaFresh American-style fridge freezers


Bosch refrigeration – Keep food fresher for up to 3 x longer.

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Lock in the freshness

American-style fridges with VitaFresh - a clever system that delivers the perfect storage conditions for your fresh food.

With compartments in our American-style fridges set to an ideal temperature of between 0°C and 4°C, you can be sure that the essential nutrients and vitamins in your fresh food will be preserved for up to three times longer. So, you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthy diet - with foods that are not only fresh and full of vitamins, but also taste delicious.

0°C - the perfect temperature

Research shows that storing your food at the correct temperature and humidity slows down the natural aging process even further. Helping to keep all your food's original flavour, texture and appearance.

Discover more about VitaFresh

Save more. Waste less.

By locking in the freshness for longer, VitaFresh technology in Bosch American-style fridges helps to reduce the amount of food your family throws away. In the UK, reducing the amount of food we bin can save a family of four up to £720 a year*. With VitaFresh, you should throw less food away and need to make fewer trips to the supermarket - which means more money in your pocket.


Additional features packed into our American-style fridges.

Yet more bright ideas.

Thanks to an in-door electronic LCD, you can quickly check the optimum storage conditions for your foods on the display outside the fridge door.

Changing settings is just as easy and can be done at the touch of a button.

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