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Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools from Bosch

Our recipe for unlimited cooking pleasure? Technology à la Bosch.

We combine the best to ensure you have fun preparing food and achieve perfect results: superb design, sophisticated technology and decades of experience. With Bosch kitchen appliances, you can successfully create everything, from fine sauces through delicious desserts to freshly squeezed juices in the twinkling of an eye.

Hand blenders from Bosch: Power that adapts

Power that adapts: Bosch hand blenders.

Thanks to their especially sharp cutting blades and extremely powerful motor, Bosch hand blenders can make short work of anything. With their ergonomic design, you'll have all your mixing and stirring well in hand.

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Hand mixers from Bosch: The perfect result in an instant

Stirred, not shaken: Bosch hand mixers.

Because they're so well balanced, our hand mixers are smooth to hold and can work their way through any ingredients quickly and easily. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand, so your cake mixes will be light and airy and your arm will be relaxed.

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Blenders from Bosch: The perfect combination

The perfect combination: Bosch blenders.

Fancy a cocktail, a tasty soup or a fresh smoothie? With a Bosch blender, you can do all of this at the flick of a switch. With its powerful motor, its precise stainless steel blades and a volume of up to 1.5 litres, it does practically all the mixing for you. The mixing is particularly successful with our powerhouse blender the SilentMixx. Perfect results - noiseless.

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Juicers from Bosch: Lots of juice with little effort

Down to the last drop: Bosch juice extractors.

Now you can prepare fresh fruit and vegetable juices much more efficiently. The particularly powerful motors and the fine micro sieve guarantee you enjoyment right down to the last drop.

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Universal choppers from Bosch: Small ingredients, big results

Little ingredients, great results.

Actually, the name of the Bosch choppers says it all – it shreds any ingredient you want quickly and easily. In addition, our practical kitchen appliances are also incredibly easy to clean because of their dishwasher-proof accessories.

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Bosch kitchen appliances

Built for those who have a weakness for powerful performances.

Before you can even start to use a Bosch kitchen appliance to stir, mix, knead or chop your ingredients, we test and improve them down to the smallest detail. That's why kneading even heavy dough is child's play for our powerful motors. Our extremely sharp blades will carry on chopping and mixing everything that comes their way effortlessly for years. And our timeless design turns a practical kitchen helper into a visual highlight in your kitchen.

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