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Bosch Sponsors Inspired Living on Four

Bosch sponsors Inspired Living on Channel 4

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Bosch ovens with fish and meat probe

Cook everything just how you like it: with minimal effort.

Whether it’s a Sunday lunch, or a midweek treat, the Serie 8 oven with Bosch Assist knows exactly what to do, even when you might not.

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Bosch PerfectFry – cook to perfection

Add some sizzle to your kitchen.

The Perfect Fry function on our Serie 8 Hobs does exactly that. So no matter how you want that steak cooking, we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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Bosch CookingSensor – stop pans boiling over

A watched pot never boils over.

When you’re juggling a few things in the kitchen, the last thing you need to worry about is a pan boiling over. But with our CookingSensor, you just press a button and we’ll keep an eye on it for you. Easy.

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Bosch kitchen Serie 8 hoods

Let your kitchen worries drift away.

When things start to get a little heated in the kitchen, you can always rely on our Serie 8 Hoods. The PerfectAir Sensor automatically controls the extractor with minimal noise, so the only thing that will rumble is your belly.

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Bosch Perfect Dry for dry dishes and plastics and kinder to your crystal glasses

A dishwasher that dries up too.

Thanks to PerfectDry technology, our Serie 8 Dishwashers not only do the washing up, but the drying too, even on plastic. So you can get on with putting your feet up.

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Bosch reload function and iDOS for perfect washing every time

Wash. Pause. Reload. Repeat.

From allowing you to pause and reload, to automatically adding just the amount of detergent for every wash, our Serie 8 iDOS Washing Machines are perfect for every home.

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Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner

Cordless. Charge less.

The Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner gives you 60 mins of full-on cordless power. It’s super quiet too, so you can even get the housework done whilst the kids watch TV.

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Home Connect for appliance control from anywhere

Your home on your phone.

With Home Connect from Bosch, you can control your appliances through your phone at any time, from anywhere. So you can start the dishes as you finish watching a film.

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Bosch Vario Style and VitaFresh, fresh kitchen and fresh food

Give your kitchen a fresh look.

With interchangeable colour fronts on our Vario Style Fridge Freezer, you can change your style in an instant. And with VitaFresh compartments inside, your food will always be as fresh as your new-look kitchen.

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