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Washing machine myths busted

Taking a little care of your washing machine goes a long way

It's just as important to look after your washing machine as it is your clothes. With lots of varying laundry advice we help you to wade through the myths that will help you keep your washing machine and your clothes in tip top condition!

Keep your appliance delivering perfectly clean laundry with Bosch's myth-busting cleaning and care tips.

Washing machines do need regular cleaning to keep them in tip top condition.

Without regular cleaning, grit, dirt and excess detergent can build up causing the cleanliness of your washes to deteriorate.

Bosch washing machine cleaner removes resideues, deposits, and remnants of detergent and fabric softener from washing machines, which can improve the performance of the appliance.

30 is the new 60... environmentally and economically this makes sense, but it's not always good for hygiene and cleanliness.

Regular washes with cooler temperatures will lead to the build-up of bacteria and residue within the drum and your laudry. Bosch washing machine cleaner removes unpleasant odours caused by these residues. By using once every three months, you'll maintain a cleaner, more hygienic machine and really notice the difference where it matters most - on your clothes.

It seems a reasonable assumption, but using too much will lead to the clothes becoming saturated with detergent which a standard rinse cycle will not be able to fully remove.

This can lead to skin irritation and even damage to the fabric of clothing. Taking care of your appliance will improve washing results by reducing spots and marks on your laundry, ensuring a cleaner machine.

If you regularly overload a washing machine over the lifetime of the appliance, key components will wear quicker.

Our top tips are, always check the drum capacity (Kg), and that you can fit your hand into the top of the drum and rotate the wash around with your hand. This means there is enough room for an efficient wash.

Sometimes the washing machine may have detected clothes that still need detergent or softener washing from them.

Sometimes after using higher than recommended levels of detergent or softener, the machine will alter the cycle to perform extra rinses or fucntions to correct the issue. This alteration may extend the programme timings. Regularly clean your washing machine to remove any remaining deposits.

You may think if your machine has a shiny drum and it's free from visible limescale it doesn't need to be descaled.

However, the drum isn't where damaging limescale builds up. Unseen parts like the heating element are key target components for limescale removal, as build-up in these areas causes damage. We recommend washing machines are descaled every three to six months in hard water areas.

Don't be caught out by these myths

Stay ahead with Bosch washing machine cleaner and descaler. These formulas have been specially developed to remove deposits of grease and dirt in the drum and tubes to ensure your washing machine stays limescale free and in optimum working order. This provides a cleaner, more hygienic washing machine interior and improves washing results by reducing spots and marks on laundry.

Washing machine cleaner
Single pack
Washing machine descaler
Single pack
  • Suitable for removing deposits from the appliance including detergent.
  • Can help to ensure a cleaner, more hygienic interior of the washing machine.
  • Improves washing results by reducing spots and marks on laundry.
  • Reduces unpleasant odours caused by regular low temperature washes.
  • Contents: 200g, sufficient for one application. Use every three months.
  • Protects the appliance in hard water areas by removing harmful limescale from key components.
  • It's easy to use and gets to work quickly. One box equals one dose.
  • In hard water areas, washing machines should be descaled every three to six months.
  • This product can also be used to descale dishwashers as well as washing machines.
  • Contents: 250g, sufficient for one treatment.
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