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The Unlimited – cordless stick vacuum cleaner

The Unlimited.

Power for ALL System: The battery pack is also part of the 18-Volt cordless system from Home & Garden.

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The Unlimited.

Cordless, but with continuous runtime*, thanks to exchangeable battery pack and quick charger.

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Continuous runtime.

If you want to keep your home clean at all times, you need a vacuum that is always ready whenever you need it. The Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner provides continuous runtime*. With exchangeable battery packs and a quick charger. One battery can be charged while the other battery is in use, so it’s always ready to go and never runs out of power. The batteries are also part of the 18-volt Home & Garden cordless system from Bosch.

Charge less.

Using the Bosch quick charger completely recharge your battery in under 60 minutes.

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The Bosch Power for ALL System.

Most devices all have different batteries, which can be inconvenient. The Power for ALL System from Bosch easily resolves that issue. The same single battery pack included with Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners is also part of the 18-volt Home & Garden cordless system from Bosch.

Bosch Unlimited Vacuum - Cleaning on all levels

360 cleaning - Clean on all levels.

You no longer need different devices to clean different parts of your home. You can effectively clean on all levels. The Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner comes with useful accessories that allow you to clean all kinds of flooring, such as tiles or hard floors, as well multiple surfaces, such as carpets, tables, upholstery and even the ceiling. It is also perfect for vacuuming your car.

Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner - Intensive cleaning performance

Intense cleaning performance.

The All Floor HighPower brush and DigitalSpin Motor let you clean on all kinds of floors and surfaces.

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DigitalSpin Motor

DigitalSpin Motor.

The Unlimited cordless vacuum also contains the latest motor technology: the DigitalSpin Motor. It’s perfectly calibrated aerodynamic blades rotate faster than a Formula One motor. The motor is compact, light-weight and high-performing with a long lifespan.

Superior design.

The Multi-use handstick with outstanding design. With its modern shape and high quality materials, the Unlimited is stylish yet discreet. Together with our practical wall mount it is the perfect accessory for every home and there is a home for every accessory.

Superior design

Maintenance free & retains 99.9% of dust.

Thanks to the RotationClean System and the long-lasting cartridge filter with Pure Air membrane, the filter can be hygienically cleaned and the exhaust air is cleaner than room air.

See what other customers say about the Unlimited vacuum cleaners


Purchased this model in June, and I love, love, love it. This is the most versatile vacuum cleaner to date. Getting the two batteries that came with this model, not once have I ran out of charge. Amazing.

The best cordless vacuum on the market??

We've had this vacuum for a little over a month having previously owned some expensive competitors. We weren't sure at first but wanted to try something different and I'm so glad we did. What a fantastic product - you can actually vacuum your whole house quickly and efficiently by swapping out batteries. Also you can use the batteries in your Bosch powertools... What a bonus!!

Great Runtime and Powerful

Had this for a few months - great machine. Powerful, excellent run time. All round very happy.

Game Changer

We’ve had this handy and powerful little vacuum for a month now and it’s honestly been a game changer for our little family. It lives on the wall in the utility room and I just get it out as and when (after most mealtimes) instead of the old dustpan and brush. Wonderful piece of kit!

Easy to assemble and a great battery charger

Our initial impressions were that this was an easy cleaner to assemble with a speedy battery charger. However the heaviness of the machine made it difficult to hold with one hand, and we were not sure if we were going to like using it. Having used if for all possible cleaning actions around the house we find it a very useful tool, and make the following observations: 1. This was the first cordless vacuum that we have used. Not having to worry about whether the lead was long enough or having to plug into different sockets, made cleaning much easier. 2. The floor nozzle with electric brush had a good cleaning action on all surfaces. 3. It was good at picking up hairs. 4. It was easy to manoeuvre around objects and to clean under furniture. 5. The accessories were easy to connect and disconnect. 6. The 2-in-1 furniture brush with upholstery nozzle was needed to clean the edges of carpets etc not reached by the floor nozzle. 7. The crevice nozzle with its angled end did not work so well for crevices and corners because of its flexibility, which also made it useless for confined cleaning e.g. inside chair arms. 8. When cleaning tops of curtains and other high objects we needed to hold the vacuum with two hands, because of its weight. 9. Emptying the dust container didn't present any problems once we had understood the instructions. However it's small size meant it had to be emptied after cleaning two reasonably large carpets. 10. Cleaning the brush heads as instructed worked well. 11. The noise level was acceptable. 12. As the quick battery charger worked so well we wonder whether a smaller battery with reduced weight could be designed. This might mean the battery needed to be charged more frequently, but with two batteries supplied this should not be much of a problem. A reduction in the weight of the machine would make it easier to handle. 13. We enjoyed testing this machine and hope our comments may prove useful to the machine's development. 10th June 2018 The Reviewer was part of a manufacturer appointed, independent review panel.

Brilliant versatility!

Ive had this hoover now for a month and it is performing brilliantly. I am extremely impressed. Firstly when my hoover came it was in a nice compact box and everything was secured so it wasnt flailing around and at risk of getting broken. As i am blind i usually find it difficult to find my way around new devices and start using them. But with this hoover i had it set up and ready to go really quickly. It is easy to use and the instructions are very clear. Usually battery powered hoovers dont have great suction, but i was not disappointed with this Bosch one! The suction is great. There is also a turbo button which gives a bit of extra oomph to the suction when its needed which is fantastic. I was able to secure the entire unit on the inside of my airing cupboard in less than 10 minutes which has saved me having it lying around or having to find somewhere else to put it. One of the reasons I wanted this was as hauling my normal hoover up and down the stairs was really becoming a pain as it was heavy and i wasnt able to hoover all the stairs without having to unplug it and plug it in somewhere else as the cord wouldnt stretch. The Bosch hoover totally eliminates this problem. I can hoover my entire house without having to constantly change outlets and pull the hoover along behind me, and the battery wont run out either! I have also used the attachments to clean out my car which has also been much handier since having the bosch. I can get in all the nooks and crannys and have it done in 5 minutes. One thing i found surprising was how quiet this hoover is. My partner is a nurse that works nights and i am able to hoover the house without waking her which is something i couldnt do before so thats definitely a plus for anyone with the same issue or who wants to avoid waking children etc. In my house i have a combination of carpet, laminate and tiles, and the bosch is able to hoover each surface with the same excellent result each time. I also have a dog which sheds alot. Using the bosch with differing attachments lets me get all the dog hair off the bottom of the curtains and cleans them uo really well. The last thing i would say is that the hoover is stylish and modern with constrasting colours. I would recommend this hoover to anyone as it has been one of my best investments in a long time.

The Unlimited range at a glance

Unlimited I Premium Unlimited | Standard Unlimited I Basic
Unlimited | Premium
Unlimited | Standard
Unlimited | Standard
Model Number BCS122GB BCS111GB BCS101GB
Power for ALL System
Colour white silver black
Always ready to clean thanks to exchangeable battery packs and a quick charger
Cartridge filter with Pure Air membrane and hygienic filter for clean exhaust air
Exchangeable battery pack x2 x1 x1
Cleaning on all levels
All floor HighPower Brush
Rotation Clean
Weight 3.5kg 3.5kg 3.5kg

Battery guarantee.

Like every other Li-Ion battery the Power for ALL battery is subject to natural wear. Therefore battery capacity and runtime decrease over time. This is a natural aging process and not the result of a material/production failure or a product defect.

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* Runtime is continuous with the included Bosch quick charger, two 3.0 Ah Bosch Power for ALL batteries and running on normal power mode, because one battery can be charged while the other battery is in use.


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