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Get the most out of your induction hob.

Our induction hobs heat up fast and use the heat efficiently so your food will cook quicker.

Energy efficient.

By reducing cooking times, you'll be cutting your energy consumption and saving money - and who wouldn't want to do that?

Our clever technology also ensures the hob automatically detects the size of the base of your plan and generates heat accordingly. So, the smaller the pan, the less energy you'll use.

Safety first.

With induction hobs, heat is only produced when the pan is placed on the hob - as soon as it's removed, the heat quickly disspates. The hob will also recognise that items such as spoons are not pans so won't heat up, and it will automatically switch off when you remove your pan if you forget.

Induction pans selected by Bosch.

If you've chosen an outstanding hob, you should have the perfect pans to cook with.

Look no further than this set of 4 Schulte-Ufer pans. German-designed to ensure they'll have a long service life, these outstanding pans are made of high-quality stainless steel with an aluminium core. Easy to clean and energy efficient, their handles don't heat up which amkes them the ideal accompaniment to your induction hob.

This 4-piece high quality Schulte-Ufer saucepan set includes:

Care for your induction hob.

To keep your induction hob as good as new, we've created the perfect selection of cleaning products specifically designed for ceramic glass hobs.

Ceramic hob maintenance pack.

To keep your hob in excellent condition, we've designed products to carefully clean your hob, leaving an attractive, shiny finish. This pack contains everything you need:

a 250ml bottle of powerful cleaning fluid

a handy scraper that won't scratch the surface

a specialist hob cleaning cloth.

These products are suitable for all ceramic and induction hobs.

Buy maintenance pack

e-cloths kitchen pack.

In this pack of two cloths, the blue cloth is ideal for the day-to-day cleaning of your ceramic hob, whicle the green cloth is perfect for cleaning stainless steel and granite. These e-cloths can be machine-washed and reused up to 300 times. They don't need chemicals to clean, only water so they're a great choice for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivity.

Buy e-cloths