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Bean to cup coffee machines

Discover the Bosch bean to cup range

Discover the intelligent technology packed into every Bosch bean to cup coffee machine. From precise brewing temperatures to guarantee optimum taste, to ceramic grinding technology for perfectly ground coffee. Explore our innovations behind the perfect cup.

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A perfectly engineered coffee

Trust in the precision of German engineering to release the finest taste and aroma from your favourite coffee, in the comfort of your own home.

AromaPro takes the luck out of making great coffee

The patented AromaPro system ensures that the volume of coffee, tamping and water pressure is carefully measured and calibrated in every brew, for optimum taste every time.

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A coffee machine that always knows your favourite coffee

From extra-strong with Aroma DoubleShot to fine-poured foam, the options for creating your ideal drink with a Bosch bean to cup machine are almost limitless. Set up named profiles, and up to six people can enjoy their perfect brew at the touch of a button.

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VeroCafe LattePro VeroAroma 300
  • Perfect cappuccino with MilkSteamPro
  • Extra strong with AromaDoubleShot
  • OneTouch drinks at the press of a button
  • Enjoy variety: Espresso to Macchiato
  • Spotless cleansing with MilkClean
  • Prepares different drinks simultaneously
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Explore the perfect bean to cup machine for you

With the advanced features in Bosch bean to cup coffee machines, you are guaranteed impeccable taste and cutting-edge technology from every machine in the range.

Create finely frothed milk for barista-quality lattes

MilkStream Pro combines milk proteins with air to whip up the creamiest foam, while autoWhirl's integrated frother enables one-touch milk beverages from cappuccino to macchiato, for coffee just as you like it.

Quick and easy cleaning

SinglePortion cleansing clears pipes of any remaining water after each brewing process. Get the most from your appliance, year after year, with the Calc 'n Clean programme which offers combined cleaning and descaling in one simple step.

Perfectly ground coffee, every time

Non-wearing ceramic ensures that your coffee is ground as finely as possible, or to your exact specification. Metal grinders can hold onto coffee which later burns and taints the flavour, but this is impossible with ceramic technology.

Have confidence with the Bosch 15,000 cup guarantee

Our appliances are synonymous with quality and engineering excellence, so from your first cup of coffee to your 15,000 you will enjoy the consistent high standards of performance, durability and technical perfection that you expect from Bosch.