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Serie 8 Laundry

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Better than ever. Never simpler.

Our new Serie 8 washing machines and dryers have been developed to the highest of quality standards. Their sophisticated design cannot fail to impress, while their intuitive controls are easy to use from day one. These appliances also boast the most advanced technology to be found in any home appliance. So caring for your laundry is perfectly simple. And every wash is simply perfect.

Laundry simplified.
With perfect results.

The new Serie 8 washing machines make sure your laundry is handled with minimum effort from your side – and the results are always second to none. Thanks to our ground-breaking technology, you barely need to lift a finger. So you can sit back and enjoy the fact that doing the laundry is suddenly so much less trouble.

Maximum drying performance. Minimum effort for you.

Our new Serie 8 dryers are not only perfectly gentle with your laundry, they also take the load off in many other ways. A range of fully automatic features save you time and effort, use less electricity and ensure the best possible drying performance. Good for the environment – and perfect for making your everyday life that little bit easier.

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The rule of thumb is no way to dose detergent.

If you have ever wondered exactly how much detergent you need for your wash, i-DOS has the answer. This intelligent automatic dosing system dispenses liquid detergent to the very millilitre based on the type of fabric, amount of laundry, level of soiling and hardness of water. Overdosing and underdosing are finally a thing of the past, just like skin irritation and greyness caused by detergent residues in the laundry, and unnecessary water consumption due to frequent rinsing. In addition to enjoying flawless results, you stand to save up to 7,062 litres* of water per year. Why guess, when i-DOS gets the dosing perfect at the touch of a button?

*Source: wfk, Institute for Applied Research, Survey Report WL5132/10

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Accidents happen all too easily – but now you can get rid of stains with no fuss at all.

Laundry in, stains out. A powerful option that can be added to most washing programmes, our AntiStain setting attacks four of the most common types of stains: cooking fat/oil, blood, red wine and grass. Washing temperature, drum rotation and soaking time are all adjusted automatically, giving you spotless laundry at the push of a button. So there's no need to worry about spilling red wine on that white blouse ever again.

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Looking after your clothes with every wash.

With every rotation, the VarioDrum ensures the perfect distribution of water to keep your laundry moist throughout the washing cycle so you are always guaranteed perfect laundry results. The unique drum design ensures even your most delicate fabrics glide softly through every spin cycle. Such a perfect wash – and with so little rough and tumble.

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You didn't know you have to clean your condenser?
Never mind!

Without regular cleaning of the condenser, performance of dryers deteriorates over time, while energy consumption increases. When a conventional dryer's condenser is not cleaned regularly, its performance drops off while power consumption increases over time. The SelfCleaning Condenser in our new Serie 8 dryers makes this a thing of the past by cleaning itself automatically and ensuring efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of the appliance. With this highly practical innovation, everyone’s a winner: your laundry, the environment and you.

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Settings that are plain to see.

We believe that the more complex the technology, the easier it should be to use. So instead of having to dig through multiple sub-menus for hidden functions, you can access every setting (on Serie 8 appliances) right away. Any programme can be selected directly with the JogDial, and all the information you need is conveniently displayed on a large, easy-to-read screen. So everything is in plain sight and under control.

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We built this dryer to be gentle with your clothes.

Thanks to its unique drum design, the SensitiveDrying System in new Serie 8 dryers is remarkably gentle with your laundry. Instead of allowing clothes to simply lie flat against the wall of the drum, this dryer blows air through them from below and constantly turns them over with its specially designed paddles. Your clothes will feel light and airy on your skin and you will be able to enjoy the favourite items in your wardrobe for much longer.

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