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KeratinAdvance Hairdryer

ProSalon SensorProtection Straighteners.

Unlock the secrets of styling with care with the ProSalon SensorProtection Straighteners, packed with innovative features that reduce the risk of hair damage, such as a unique vibrating alert when you’re applying too much pressure.


Apply the right pressure for

When too much pressure is applied, the straighteners have vibrating technology to alert you of the potential danger to your hair. This feature can be switched on or off according to your preference.


Discover the secrets of
anodised plates.

Anodised plates offer:

  • Perfectly even heat distribution without any hot spots.
  • Increased resistance against the damage of chemicals used on hair.
  • Durability and long life.
  • Extremely smooth surface.
  • Healthier hair and professional results.

Floating plates. The secret
to flexible, long-lasting curls
and waves.

The floating plate design with rounded edges moves with you when styling and improves contact with the hair for a smoother finish or effortless curls.


Match the temperature to your
hair type.

Thick or thin, healthy or coarse, natural or dyed... adjust the temperature between 100ºC and 200ºC to suit the condition of your hair. With a quick heat up time, your selected temperature will be ready in just 25 seconds, shown on the LCD display. There is also a key lock to avoid accidental changes, plus a memory function that remembers the last selected temperature.


Ionic technology.

Ionisation counteracts the effects of static electricity. By reducing frizz, hair is smoother and easier to comb.



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