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Vacuum CleanersBCH65MSGB

BOSCH Athlet 25.2VLithiumPower
Cordless upright vacuum cleaner
BCH65MSGB mineral Silver


At last! No cable. No compromises on performance. The first cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch with the cleaning performance of a conventional vacuum cleaner.*

  • Thorough cleaning results on all floors thanks to highly efficient bagless-technology and HighPower AllFloor Brush
  • Unique SensorBagless™ Technology: exceptionally powerful with minimum maintenance required
  • Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology: durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, extra-long run time and short charging time
  • Pure comfort: easy to use, store and keep clean thanks to the Easy Clean System
  • Maximimum flexibility: cordless vacuuming without limitations around and under furniture thanks to extremely mobile nozzle joint
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  • AllFloor HighPower Brush
    AllFloor HighPower Brush The motorised AllFloor HighPower Brush works at around 5000 revolutions per minute, meaning it achieves thorough cleaning results on all floor types,
    AllFloor HighPower Brush
  • Cordless
    Cordless Virtually limitless vacuuming — independent of wall sockets and extremely flexible thanks to manoeuvrable nozzle attachment. This allows the appliance to vacuum reliably and effortlessly around furniture. It also reaches hidden corners under sofas, cupboards and cabinets.
  • SensorBagless™ Technology
    SensorBagless™ Technology Thanks to the sensor-controlled performance monitoring system, this unique technology not only ensures an outstanding level of cleaning performance — it also keeps maintenance to a minimum. No follow-up costs as the washable high-tech filter materials last as long as the appliance and there is no need to buy replacement dust bags.
    SensorBagless™ Technology


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  • Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology
    Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology has proven itself in Bosch Power Tools and E-Bikes, and is synonymous with high performance and long service life of the rechargeable batteries.
    Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology

Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love this so easy to useLightweight, looks good, easy to store, good suction
Date published: 2017-05-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Better than a DysonThis cordless vacuum cleaner is excellent. In fact it is more powerful than my plug in Dyson. It runs really well from carpet onto laminate, vinyl or tiles and you can get right up to the edges where as my Dyson I would have to use the attachments. The only down side to it is you can't use it high up for cobwebs etc. Attachments are available which will just make it even better. Overall it is an extremely good cleaner and is small enough to use on the stairs with ease. If using on full power the battery will last about 60 minutes but that is quite ample.
Date published: 2017-04-03
Rated 4 out of 5 by from ExcellentSubmitted as part of a selected review panel Minimal packaging for this product. Simple to follow instructions for set-up. Charged for 3 hours and was able to vacuum the kitchen, living room, hall, stairs, landing, three bedrooms and the bathroom with charge to spare. Not as lightweight as i had hoped but still much better than the clunky corded vacuum i was previously using. This particular model has no added extras meaning getting to the edges of the room or stairs is a little more tricky than I would like. Easy to empty the vacuum - squeeze the sides and out it pops. Turn the top and empty. One word of warning - when you have emptied the canister make sure you click everything back into place or all your hard work cleaning will be wasted (entirely my own fault - i was too eager and didn't properly close the system). The 3 levels of suction work really well and the strongest will get even the tiny bits from between floor boards.
Date published: 2017-03-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic little cleaner!Submitted as part of a selected review panel. As soon as the vacuum arrived, it was unpacked, put together, and set to charge. All very easy to do, and it stands discreetly against the wall, but is also self supporting. The Athlet is a great lightweight machine. I have a disability that means my joints can be very painful. This little gem is easy to carry and manoeuvre. Straight away I was impressed with the suction. I live in a busy household of three adults, 8 dogs, 3 cats a parrot and a budgie, so you can imagine the amount of mess that is soon accumulated. During the four weeks I have been using it, I have really put it through its paces. We live in a three bedroom extended semi detached house. The battery lasted long enough to go from top to bottom once, and through the downstairs twice. Impressive. To see how good it was on a bigger mess, I added bird seed to a rug, on top of the usual dog hairs. It took 2 minutes to have it back to as good as new. Taking the washable filter off was a doddle. I rinsed it out under luke warm water, and left to dry overnight on the drainer. Dry as a bone the following morning. Although I wasn`t sent the tool kit, it did a very good job of the stairs. Most of my floors are hard, with a couple of rugs, and carpeted landing and stairs. I found I needed the highest setting, of which there are three, for most areas, but, as I said, it is very busy. My son has autism, and he has a fascination with vacuum cleaners, and he is highly critical of them. Even he was ultra impressed, and you have no idea what a high accolade that is. I can only recommend the Athlet to you. Thank you for reading.
Date published: 2017-02-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing vacuumSubmitted as part of a selected review panel. what a fantastic vacuum ! when i was asked to review this i was very pleased as i have heard nothing but good about cordless vacuums but have always been a bit skeptical,reasons vary from loss of power due to it being cordless,not holding alot of dirt as the part that holds the dirt not being very big etc.I have been completely proven wrong with this vacuum,it is amazing, let me explain why. When i received it,i had to charge it for 6 hours for the 1st time this is not the case everytime, i have run the vacuum until the battery has died and it has taken just under 4 and a half hours to fully charge,it might sound like a long time but the vacuum is small and is not in the way at all so can be put anywhere to charge without it being a problem. The vaccum is light weight and easily lifted with one hand.I have a 7 week old who is a bit reluctent to be put down at times and have not had a problem holding her and getting all of my hoovering done,without her being disturbed at all.The vacuum is not loud at all. There are 3 settings low medium and high all designed for different flooring.When i had the hoover on the high settings for my carpet i could hear the dirt being pulled out,now i vacuum all the time so its not down to that,my old vacuum clearly lacked the power. As there is no cable its cuts your hoovering time down quite a bit as you dont have to keep going back and forth to take the plug out and plug it in again, Just hoover and go.The vacuum is very easy to empty just push in the buttons either side of the dirt compartment and pull it out ,pull up the filter and empty,there are no dust clouds as the vacuum does an excellent job of compating the dirt.I havnt had it full yet as i like to empty it regulary to help keep performance to a maximum,so im unsure on how long it would take to get full but there is a line on the cylinder to tell you when it needs emptying.The battery has an indicator on the front on the vacuum to let you know when its getting low and when its full when charging.The vaccum came well packed and extremely easy to put together i had the vaccum ready to go within minutes.I do miss the pipe feature on my old hoover for getting into corners and cobwebs but i havn't actually found it nessacery as this vacuum is small enough to get in corners and edges,and i have a feather duster for the cobwebs anyway lol.The filter in the hoover can be washed also helping maintain maxium power from your vacuum ,simply wash in warm water and allow to dry fully for 24 hours.I hope my review has been of help and if i have missed anything or you have any questions feel free to ask.
Date published: 2017-02-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very impressive all round.Submitted as part of a selected review panel. Started off with the size hour battery charge. Then tried it throughout the downstairs: lounge (carpet and rugs), kitchen (laminate), dining room (more carpet and rugs), hall/cloakroom (thin carpet/runner). Great suction power, and surprisingly long battery life. The low "head" meant I could get it under both the front of settee and the chair edges. Good thing about it being cordless, is that once you have done a good "all over" clean, it is easy to catch up on the vacuuming, and keep on top of it, because the machine is so portable and easy to use. Found the brush bar very straight-forward to remove and clean. Emptying is simple, because it can be done straight in to the bin indoors. The three power settings make it very versatile. Found I had to use it on the highest setting sometimes, to get the stubborn dog hairs up, which runs the battery down quicker. On one occasion, through the 4 week trial period, I found it held the charge for three days, even though I used it each of those days. It is very light, very manoeuvrable, easy to maintain and takes up hardly any storage space because of it's slim profile. To make it even better, a light on the front of the head would be useful, and also a larger dirt container, as I did find that I had to empty it more often, but that was particularly because of the amount of dog hairs that were being hoovered up. Having used it most days, I can say that it is a very well designed machine and very effective.
Date published: 2017-02-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Superfast ATHLETSubmitted as part of a selected review panel. Firstly, I should state where we are coming from. This Bosch BCH65MSGB Athlet Vacuum is replacing one which had done loyal service over many years, but had definitely seen better days. We have had this Bosch now for nearly three weeks as we didn’t want to rush in with our review. We have used it now a fair few time over this period so hopefully this will be a more reflective and genuine opinion. Not sure what we were expecting, but the first noticeable thing when the courier arrived was just how incredibly light in weight the box was. According to the official blurb the weight of the vacuum is only 3.3kg. On opening, the vacuum was “common sense easy” to put together and start using. The three pieces just slot into place, and the build is sturdy. The initial charge did take a rather long 5/6 hours, but when fully charged the charger cuts out automatically. Looks wise, the Bosch is smaller than a conventional vacuum, was indeed much lighter, and it has a most pleasing modern rounder shape. It’s a good looking vacuum. Being quite tall I found the Athlet a good height with no need to bend down and stoop which is a bonus. The big selling point of this Athlet vacuum is that it is cordless, and when fully charged it can be used for over an hour with no problems. Being cordless means it is much easier to manoeuvre when actually using it, and much easier to move from room to room given it’s weight and lack of tangling cable. This flexibility reduces the time it took to tidy up. We found that we seemed to do a little vacuuming, but more often. It really is a case of turn it on and away you go. It made vacuuming less of a laborious chore. It is very convenient. It is also very easy to store due it’s size. The convenience of being cordless would be wasted if the product doesn’t perform well at it’s main task, that of vacuuming. Getting around with the Bosch was a doddle, it is very easy to handle. The cleaning head sits well on the floor, moves well over both carpet and our slate floor tiles, and Suction is strong especially on the highest setting, but this does have a negative effect on battery charge. The other two settings are more than sufficient however. As an aside there is a battery status light display. We’ve found that dirt and dust is picked up close to corners and edges, with the cleaning head able to swivel and the handle being able to be moved side to side to aid movement, and the flat “limbo dance” like position is really good at attacking areas under our cupboards and beds, and getting to those hard to reach parts. Looking after this Athlet is simple personified. It is well thought out. It is bagless so there is no need for messy and wasteful bags, It is easy to take out the brushes to clean from the side of the head unit, and the filter can be removed and washed clean and then re-inserted. In conclusion, it is obviously very early days, but the initial signs are highly promising. So far we have found this a powerful and highly convenient vacuum. It has a strong suction and the fact it is cordless does not seem to effect performance one bit. Rather this lack of a cable has helped make vacuuming quicker, easier and almost a pleasure!
Date published: 2017-02-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Powerful performance and a long run time.Submitted as part of a selected review panel. Pros: Cordless Extremely powerful Extra long run time Three power settings Great performance on all floor types Large capacity dust container Easy to empty and clean Hygenic Filter Cons: No attachments Slightly Heavy I have been testing the BOSCH Athlet BCH65MSGB for 4 weeks and I am really impressed with it's performance. We have to vacuum our house on a daily basis, because we have a large dog who sheds a lot of hair and has a habit of leaving bits of treats all over the floor, so the Athlet has really been put to the test. The Athlet is really easy to assemble and charge. There's no charging dock, so theres no wall mounting necessary, you can just plug it in at any socket throughout your home. Theres a three step charging status indicator on the front, so you know when its fully charged. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge, which gives you an impressive 75 minute run time. The three power settings on the Athlet make it a really versatile vacuum cleaner. My old cordless had just one setting, which meant it used too much suction for some jobs. On the dog beds, it would just try to vacuum up the covers instead of vacuuming the dirt off them. This is not an issue with the Athlet's 3 power settings, number 1 is perfect for the dog beds, it picks up the dirt and leaves the covers where they are. Setting 2 is perfect for the hard floors and setting 3 is great for lifting pet hair from the carpets. The Battery has to be the Athlet's most impressive feature. My old cordless would run out after vacuuming just two rooms, but the Athlet doesn't have this problem. I can vacuum the whole house on the highest power setting without the battery running out. The Athlet has a large 0.9 litre dust container, so it doesn't need emptying too often and it's also easy to clean. The hygienic filter for clean exhaust air is also a great feature. My old cordless used to emit odours from all of the pet hair, so it is really nice to have a great filter in the Athlet. Overall the Athlet BCH65MSGB is a great cordless vacuum, Its extremely powerful and the run time is impressive, but there were a couple of downsides. The main one being the lack of attachments. It's quite awkward to vacuum the stairs without an attachment and impossible to vacuum down the sides of appliances, so I was disappointed that there weren't any attachments in the box. The other downside is that it is a bit heavier than my old cordless, so its a little harder to manoeuvre, but the extra performance and runtime do make up for this. The Athlet BCH65MSGB is a great option if you're looking for a powerful vacuum with a long run time. 

Date published: 2017-02-10
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Technical specs

  • Performance
    • At last! No cable. No compromises on performance. The first cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch with the cleaning performance of a conventional vacuum cleaner.*
    • LongLife motor for high performance and long lifetime
    • Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology: Durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, extra-long run time and short charging time.
    • Thorough cleaning results on all floors thanks to highly efficient bagless technology and HighPower AllFloor brush
    • HighPower AllFloor Brush: power brush for excellent cleaning performance on all surfaces
    • Unique SensorBagless™ Technology: extremely powerful with minimimum maintenance effort required
    • 3 levels for different cleaning jobs
    • Hygiene
      • Filter cleaning: Intelligent LED display signals if filter cleaning is necessary
      • Easy to remove and empty 0.9 l dust container
      • Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air
      • Comfort
        • Pure comfort: easy to use, store and keep clean thanks to its light weight and EasyClean System
        • Easy Clean System: Easy removal and cleaning of the nozzle brush roll
        • Maximum flexibility: vacuum cleaning without limitations around and under furniture thanks to its extremely flexible nozzle joint
        • Solid freestanding function for easy placement, space-saving storage and flexible charging at any socket
        • Long run time up to 60min
        • Battery charging status indicator: yes, 3-step
        • Short charging time:
          3 hours (battery 80% charged)
          6 hours (battery 100% charged)
        • 0.9 litre usable capacity
        • Soft touch handle
        • Weight: 3kg
          * Dirt pick-up (fibres, dust on carpet and hard floor with crevices) in comparison to a corded vacuum cleaner from Bosch (BSG6B100GB, 600 W). Tested according to EN 60312.
          Technical specs

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