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Kettles & Toasters

Kaffeemaschinen, Toaster, Wasserkocher

The best doesn't come at the end – it comes after you wake up.

It's great when the most important meal of the day is also the most delicious. Thanks to their innovative technology, our coffee machines, toasters, kettles, and tea makers turn the best ingredients into an outstanding breakfast.

Kaffeemaschinen, Toaster, Wasserkocher

Das Beste kommt nicht zum Schluss, sondern nach dem Aufwachen.

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A toast to enjoyment – Bosch toasters.

A toast to enjoyment – Bosch toasters.

With our toasters, toast is consistently crispy, slice after slice. Thanks to their innovative technology, your toast is always done evenly and is never too light or too dark. No matter how much you like to eat at breakfast.  

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Things are hotting up! With Bosch kettles.

Things are hotting up! With Bosch kettles.

You often have to move fast in the mornings. Our kettles make sure that your tea is on the table just as you're ready to eat breakfast. So your stress levels are lower – and so are your energy bills.

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Hot water at the press of a button: our hot-water dispensers.

Hot water at the press of a button: our hot-water dispensers.

Our Filtrino hot-water dispensers provide hot water in five volume steps between 120 ml and 300 ml and at five temperatures, from room heat to boiling. Because the temperature of the water is what brings out the full flavour of the tea and helps retain the precious ingredients.

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It's easy to enjoy a great breakfast.

It's easy to enjoy a great breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be your time for yourself. Our automatic coffee machines and filter coffee machines meet every coffee desire. Hot water for aromatic tea is served to you by our Bosch kettles. Our toasters will even thaw out rolls.



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  • AutoHeat Control
    AutoHeat Control AutoHeat Control uses a sensor to monitor the temperature and then uses this information to constantly adjust the time taken to toast the bread — letting you enjoy perfect, golden toast every time, right down to the last slice. Alternative: When you toast several slices of bread one after the other, the toaster heats up after each use. To ensure that the last slice is as golden as the first, the AutoHeat Control function uses a sensor to monitor the temperature, constantly adjusting the time taken to toast the bread as required.
    AutoHeat Control
  • MirrorHeating
    MirrorHeating The delicious smell of freshly toasted bread and its even, golden brown colour are what make toast so popular. MirrorHeating creates perfect toast every time — using four quartz glass rods to generate heat and reflectors to direct this heat back towards the bread and distribute it evenly over the surface.


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  • bread roll warmer If you're planning on a relaxing, leisurely breakfast with crusty bread rolls or croissants on the menu, the bread roll warmer guarantees perfect results.
    bread roll warmer
  • toasting level gauge To make sure that everyone's toast is always just how they like it, Bosch has developed the digital toasting level gauge with memory function. This technology remembers
    toasting level gauge
Styline kettle

Perfect drinks.

Different hot drinks require different temperatures to release the perfect aroma and taste. The Styline kettle has the answer.

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Styline toaster

Perfect toast.

Toast should always be perfectly crunchy and evenly browned. The Styline toaster uses Mirror Heating to achieve just that.

More about our styline toaster

Buy Filtrino hot water dispenser

The perfect cuppa. Instantly.

BRITA-filtered water at 70, 80, 90 degrees or boiling at the touch of a button with the Filtrino hot water dispenser.

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Buy kettles and toasters online.

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