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  • Bosch corporate

Serie | 2 Canopy hood
DHL535BGB Silver metallic lacquer

Canopy cooker hoods are designed to be fully integrated for more flexibility when planning your kitchen.

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      • DHL535BGB
      • DHL535BGB
      • DHL535BGB
      • DHL535BGB
      • DHL535BGB
      • DHL535BGB

      An impressive extraction rate of 250 m3/h ensures this hood will have your kitchen odour free in no time.

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      For fast and effective extraction, the intensive speed setting removes strong kitchen odours quickly and effectively.

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        • Product description

          Easy to use with rocker switch control for 2 power levels with additional intensive setting, Cooking area illumination with two 40W high quality bulbs with a maximum extraction rate of 280m³/h.

          Product features

            • Design
            • 55 cm wide
            • For installation under an overhead canopy kitchen unit
              • Features
              • Rocker switch control
              • 2 power levels & intensive setting
              • 2 x 40W Light
              • Paper grease filter
                • Performance/technical information
                • Suitable for ducted or recirculating operation
                • Maximum extraction 250 m3/h
                • Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 exhaust air:
                  Max. normal use: 55 dB(A) re 1 pW (41 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
                  Intensive: 65 dB(A) re 1 pW (51 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
                  • Optional accessories
                  • Charcoal odour filter DHZ7304
                  • Paper grease filter DHZ2100



                  • Technical specs

                    General Properties  
                    Product group Hood
                    Brand Bosch
                    Product name / Commercial code DHL535BGB
                    Color body Silver metallic
                    Material body Lacquered
                    Typology Traditional
                    Installation typology Half-integrated
                    Motor location Integrated motor in hood body
                    Operating Mode Convertible
                    Connection Rating (W) 230 W
                    Voltage (V) 220-240 V
                    Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
                    Approval certificates CE, VDE
                    Length electrical supply cord (m) 130.0 cm
                    Plug type GB plug
                    Dimensions of the product, with chimney (if exists) (mm) 235 x 530 x 280 mm
                    Dimensions of the packed product (HxWxD) (mm) 290 x 590 x 340 mm
                    Net weight (kg) 5.000 kg
                    Gross weight (kg) 6.000 kg
                    Type of control mechanical
                    Remote control No
                    Number of motors (Stck) 1
                    Total power of the motors (W) 170 W
                    Number of speed settings 2
                    Boost position Yes
                    Maximum output air extraction (m3/h) 170 m³/h
                    Boost position air extraction (m3/h) 250 m³/h
                    Maximum output recirculating air (m3/h) 160 m³/h
                    Boost position output recirculating (m3/h) 240 m³/h
                    Light Control Type On/off
                    Number of lights (Stck) 2
                    Type of lamps used Halogen
                    Total power of the lamps (W) 60 W
                    Total luminance (lux) 196 lux
                    Diameter of air outlet (mm) 120 mm
                    No-return airflow flap No
                    Grease filter material Not washable synthetic
                    Grease filter type Multilayer
                    Odour filter No
                    Specification of product image MCSA004748_DHL535BGB_def.jpg
                    Plug type GB plug
                    Appl height exhaust air (mm) 235 mm
                    Appl height recirculating (mm) 235 mm
                    INS-Enclosure in production English
                    Installation instructions No
                    Appliance width 530 mm
                    Design - line Standard
                    Mounting depth 260 mm
                    Extr rate recircul level 1 min 120 m³/h
                    Extr rate recircul level 2 160 m³/h
                    Ducting connection diameter 120 mm
                    Extr rate exh air EN 2/120 170 m³/h
                    Extr rate exh air EN 2/100 150 m³/h
                    Extr rate exh air EN 1/100 120 m³/h
                    Extr rate exh air EN 1/120 130 m³/h
                    Extr rate exh air fr-bl d 120 300
                    Extr rate exh air fr-bl 1/120 160
                    Extr rate exh air fr-bl 2/120 230
                    Electronic After-sales Service No
                    Op noise recirculating level 2 60
                    Op noise recirculating level 1 53
                    Op noise recirculat intensive 67
                    Op noise exh air l 1 diam 120 53
                    Op noise exh air int diam 120 66
                    Op noise exh air l 2 diam 120 60
                    Clean filter reminders Saturation display of grease filter with color indicator
                    EAN Barcode '!2E20AC-cfjfdg!
                  • Accessories

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