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Multi-Function Cooking

Cooking functions.

Multi-function cooking provides a solution for all your cooking requirements. With a choice of up to 11 different cooking functions, from traditional heating systems to more specialised functions such as Hydrobaking and Pizza setting, a Bosch oven will provide you with the flexibility to prepare a variety of meals for you and your family.

3D hot air cooking
The element around the fan distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven for same temperature cooking on three levels. Sweet and savoury items can be cooked at the same time. At higher temperatures (200-220°C) the effect is to evenly grill on three levels – with no turning of the food required. Use high temperature 3D hot air cooking, for example, to cook an entire full English breakfast.
Conventional top and bottom heat
Employs both the upper and lower heating elements. The heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural convection, which is the best position to obtain the selected temperature. Most foods can be cooked using this system, but it is best suited to foods which require a dark crisp finish or long slow cooking.
Bottom heat only
Only the bottom element is used to generate heat. This method is ideal for reheating or for when a crisp underside is required such as pizza bases and pastry cases. It can also be used for drying herbs and bain-marie cooking.
Full width variable grill
Enables you to grill large quantities with precise temperature control. For added efficiency grilling is performed with the oven door closed.
Half width variable grill
On selected ovens you have the option to select just the centre section of the grill element as an economical way to grill smaller quantities of food.
Hot air grilling
An ideal cooking method for meat and poultry where a rotisserie effect is desired. The grill and fan operate alternately, which results in even crisp food and can use up to 50% less energy than traditional roasting.
Perfect for gently defrosting meat, poultry, bread, cream cakes and much more.
Auto Cook
Simply place the dish in the oven, and then choose the appropriate automatic programme from the menu. Specify how you want your dish cooked e.g. rare, medium or well done. Input the weight of the meat or fish and press start. Auto Cook then takes over and determines the cooking mode, temperature and cooking duration to cook your dish to perfection.
Pizza function
Designed with the pizza-lover in mind, but equally useful for quiches and tarts, this innovative function delivers cooking power for a perfectly crisp, browned base while keeping the topping moist. Suitable also for frozen food, and in many cases no preheating is required.
Retains the natural moisture emitted during the cooking process to prevent your baking from drying out. Ideal for bread and pastries.
Low temperature cooking
Ideally suited for keeping high quality pan-fried meat at the desired level of rareness or otherwise for an extended period of time without it spoiling. Juices and textures are retained whilst you get on with preparing the rest of the dinner.
Intensive heat
This time-saver delivers immediate intense heat from below, which is particularly effective for foods with a crispy base such as pizza. It makes it unnecessary to preheat the oven when baking cakes and quiches, and is also ideal for baking with tin, glass or porcelain moulds, which tend to reflect heat or are poor conductors of heat.
Fast heat
This time-saver preheats the oven approx. 30% faster by using all the heating elements at once.
Hold warm
This convenient function keeps food items warm at temperatures between 66°C and 100°C at the touch of a button.
Plate warming
Food stays warm for longer if served up in preheated ovenware. Plate warming allows you to preheat porcelain ovenware to between 30°C to 65°C.


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