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The perfect dose every time.

Let your washing machine decide how much detergent to use.

Too much detergent or too little can lead to poor washing results. Sensors inside the washing machine detect the type of fabric, the load volume and the degree of soiling, and adjusts the detergent to the optimum dose accordingly. Never too little, never too much, the best results are always achieved whilst saving detergent and water.

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Let Karl explain the benefits of the i-DOS washing machine.

Choose the right i-DOS washing machine for you.

WAT28660GB Discover More
WAWH8660GB Discover More
Energy efficiencyA+++ -30% (30% more efficient than the top class).A+++ -30% (30% more efficient than the top class).
Spin speed1400 rpm1400 rpm
Washing/spinning noise level49dB (A) / 74dB (A)47dB (A) / 71dB (A)
Special featuresi-DOS automatic self-dosing, VarioPerfect™ – choose to save time or save energy, WaveDrum™ gentle washing, DirectSelect illuminated control diali-DOS automatic self-dosing, Home Connect remote operation via smartphone or tablet, VarioPerfect™ – choose to save time or save energy, WaveDrum™ gentle washing, EcoBar Plus – consumption indication to show energy and water use
MotorEcoSilence Drive™: extremely efficient and quiet, with a ten-year warranty.EcoSilence Drive™: extremely efficient and quiet, with a ten-year warranty.
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What people are saying about the i-DOS washing machine WAWH8660GB

Damaconea month ago
Absolutely brilliant

Lets be honest, washing machines are hard to get excited about - but this machine is amazing. It is very quiet, cleans brilliantly - with the advantage of being very easy to use.

The i.DOS system is great - you fill it up with whole bottles of detergent and conditioner (if required) and it will automatically calculate and use the correct amount.

It's really, really good.

✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

Laundrettea year ago
Love love love it..

This is a dream. Everyone in the family can use it as it's extremely straightforward to use. It's quiet, it's fast and the cleaning of the clothes is brill.. It gets used daily and with everything from muddy rugby kits to grassy cricket whites it is spot on!! For a family of 6 it's a dream.

✔ Yes, I recommend this product.


All you need to do is fill the large washing machine drawer with 1.3 litres of liquid detergent. You can then wash multiple loads of laundry without needing to top it up. The sensors inside the washing machine detect the type of fabric, the load volume in the drum and the degree of soiling, and adjust the detergent, water and temperature and optimize the dose accordingly.


Washing in this way not only helps you to achieve perfect results but also enables you to protect the environment. By cutting down your additional wash cycles that result from using too much detergent, you are making your laundry cycle quicker and much more efficient, therefore saving energy, time and money. You can save up to 7,062* litres of water per year.

*Saving potential with an average of 220 washing loads/year, source: wfk, Institute for Applied Research, Study Report 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

Now you can use the exact amount of detergent, completely automatically, with i-DOS from Bosch.

Too much.

Using too much detergent – even by a little – leads to significantly higher water and energy consumption when washing. Visible detergent residues can be left on clothing, which can trigger skin irritation and allergies.

Too little.

Using too little detergent can lead to poorer washing results. Stains won’t be completely removed and could be left on clothes permanently. Insufficient detergent can also result in discolouration and unpleasant odours.

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