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Exceptionally quiet cooker hoods

Exceptionally quiet cooker hoods

Relax in a quieter kitchen with your guests. We have standardised all our extractor motors using state-of-the-art technology, meaning quieter noise levels throughout the range. Many models have noise levels of only 43 dBA, the sound level of quiet conversation, with the quietest running at a library-quiet 39 dBA .

Cooker hoods

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Cooker hood metal grease filter

Metal grease filter

Efficiently filters grease and other solid particles out of the extracted air. To make sure they operate at maximum efficiency, they should be cleaned around twice a month by hand or in the dishwasher.
Cooker hood brushed steel filter

Brushed steel filter

The filter is concealed behind a stylish brushed steel cover with a brushed steel handle to hide grease build up, for a really sleek finish.
Cooker hood rim ventilation filter

Rim ventilation filter

Looks exceptionally stylish with its smooth uninterrupted surface and is very easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. The patented filter sealing system, along with the flow-optimised multi-layer filter mats give an ultra-efficient grease separation level.
Cooker hood standard lighting

Better for you

Standard 40W screw fit filament bulbs, or the equivalent 28W halogen bulb for brilliant lighting.
Cooker hood halogen spotlights

Halogen spotlights

High or low voltage spots create an attractive, bright, even illumination of your cooking area, with the added advantage of lasting longer than standard bulbs.

L-design chimney hoods

Our unique L-design chimney hoods give you the opportunity to further enhance your kitchen design by choosing from a range of décor panels – brushed steel, premium white or premium black – so that you can perfectly coordinate your hood with your other Bosch kitchen appliances. The DWB099752B also features two vertical sidelights for ambient mood lighting.
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