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  • Bosch corporate

EcoLogixx 7

Thanks to innovative heat pump technology, the Bosch Ecologixx 7 tumble dryer uses 40% less energy than a standard A-rated dryer, and is the first tumble dryer in the world to consumer less than 2kWh for a standard programme.

For a tumble dryers to run at peak efficiency, the condenser has to be kept clean of the lint and fluff that inevitably gathers over time. So avoiding a gradual decrease of efficiency over the lifetime of the dryer has traditionally meant periodically removing and washing the condenser by hand.

The EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer has the solution - the groundbreaking Automatic Self-Cleaning System. Water extracted during the drying cycle is used to flush the condenser, removing the lint and fluff that would otherwise reduce its efficiency. So the EcoLogixx 7 dryers will deliver a better than A-rated performance, every time.


Ecologixx 7 tumble dryer WTW84560GB

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