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Home Connect

Bosch HomeConnect coffee machines

Coffee Preparation with Bosch Home Connect

Whatever coffee you want - simply press a button.

The Home Connect enabled and fully automatic coffee machines will turn you into a skilled barista. Choose from a wide range of hot drinks and select your favourite variations from the app’s CoffeeWorld. The only thing the machine can’t do is enjoy the coffee for you. favourite barista, but also your best customer.

All coffee machines with Home Connect

Let your Bosch HomeConnect coffee prepare your drink just the way you like it
Your guests know exactly how they like their coffee. Now so does your coffee machine.

Your guests know exactly how they like their coffee. Now, so does your coffee machine.

Take the hard work out of entertaining with the Home Connect enabled, fully automatic coffee machine. With the Bosch CoffeePlaylist you can enter everyone’s favourite coffee on a mobile or tablet and send it straight to the coffee machine. After all, to be a good host you need to focus more on your guests, not the coffee.

All coffee machines with Home Connect

Coffee as Luigi would make it – but without Luigi.

Coffee as Luigi would make it – except there is no Luigi.

You can have the whole coffee-making world in your own home. The Home Connect app will tell you everything you want to know about coffee – at the press of a button: from coffee growing, through roasting methods to the most important types. It will also give you lots of great recipes. It won’t just tell you that the coffee tastes wonderful. It will also tell you why.

All coffee machines with Home Connect

Bosch coffee machines with HomeConnect

It’s good to have questions. It’s even better to have answers.

Here you’ll find some frequently asked questions and answers about Home Connect.


You can trust us – we’re invented for life.

You can trust us – we’re invented for life.

To use the new home appliances from Bosch with Home Connect capability, you need a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi. The Home Connect app for these appliances can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.*

Home Connect is a service of the Home Connect GmbH.

* The iOS and Android versions of the Home Connect App differ in regards to functionalities, depending on the development stage. For more information please see the App details in the App Store.

Home Connect

You can control our smart devices with your smartphone. And our smart services too.

Your home is in safe hands. Yours.

Whether you’ve left the oven on, or want to save energy while you’re on holiday, Bosch appliances with Home Connect and Nest give you control wherever you are. .

Smart systems like Nest’s Auto-Away can detect if you’re not at home, and clever technology will automatically connect you with your appliances with helpful notifications. Working with Nest Protect, there’s even an alarm that lets you quickly and safely switch off your Bosch appliances in the event of an emergency.

* The iOS and Android versions of the Home Connect app differ in regard to functionality, depending on the version. For more information, please see the app details in the App Store or the Google Play Store.


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